If you’re a business owner then you know how hard it is to find time for anything during the holidays. Every second of your day is allocated to something, whether it’s business or family, your time is precious so you need to make sure you’re making the most of it. When it comes to making New Years Resolutions, everyone does it but very few keep them, especially those of us who are time-poor. So what can you do this year to ensure it’s different from the last?

  1. Write out your goals. This may sound like a small detail but it’s really incredibly important. If you only have your business goals in your head then you’re not easily able to keep track of them, nor are you constantly reminded of them. Maybe you’re main goal for 2016 is to buy a laser hair removal machine, or perhaps you’d like to learn more about omnilux light therapy or get started researching tattoo removal machines. Whatever your goal is, the best way to achieve it is to write it down and place it somewhere that you’ll frequently see it, like on your fridge.
  2. Create a plan. How are you going to start offering tattoo removals or laser hair removal without a plan? It’s great to write down the goal but that’s just step one. You need to develop a plan for actually achieving it. If you need to start browsing machines, then set aside time to do it, (check out Spectrum’s here). If you want to get certified in a particular area, then schedule those training sessions.  You need to make strides towards actually achieving those goals and the first step is always planning ahead. Start developing your plans today, don’t wait until next
  3. Track your progress. Now that you’ve developed a plan, take the time to track your progress. For example, if you want to begin offering hair removal services by June then by March you should be making steps to buy a laser hair removal machine. Put your plan into action by placing the key dates into your calendar. This will prevent you from missing any important details and help ensure that by December 31, 2016 you’ll be able to say you kept your resolution.
  4. Reward yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to keep on track with your goals, we understand it happens to the best of us. So every time you make strides towards achieving your business goals for 2016 go ahead and reward yourself. Be careful to keep the rewards realistic though and not stretch yourself too thin. If you kept a promise to yourself, why don’t you treat yourself to something small?  You deserve it.
  5. Don’t get down on yourself. If you get off-track for a bit or don’t achieve absolutely everything you wanted to, that’s okay! Don’t focus on the negatives and beat yourself up over it. Hopefully you’ve achieved the majority of your goals and will be reaping the rewards in no time. Celebrate what you did achieve and keep working towards the things you didn’t achieve.

Good luck with your New Years Resolutions this upcoming year. We have every confidence that you’ll get there and if you need some ideas for boosting business in the New Year check out our eBook on Marketing for your Salon here.