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Spectrum Best Beauty & Aesthetic Equipment Developer 2020 – Australia and New Zealand

We are happy to announce that Spectrum Science & Beauty have been awarded Best Beauty & Aesthetic Equipment Developer 2020 – Australia and New Zealand at the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards. For press release click HERE.

LUX Life Magazine holds the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards on an annual basis to pay homage to the world’s leading Health, Beauty & Wellness brands. LUX magazine conduct extensive research and careful analysis to award finalists and winners.

We received this award for recognition of not both the quality of our equipment (from IPL Machines, LED Light Therapy Machines to Beauty Equipment) but also the full support solution we provide our customers. We are very proud to be recognised for these two key attributes.

From all of the team at Spectrum we would like to thank all of the clinics, spas, salons and aesthetic businesses that support us and allow us to do what we love every single day and achieve Best Beauty and Aesthetic Equipment Developer. It has been a very difficult couple of months for our industry with the closure in Australia and we look forward to everyone opening and having a successful end to the year.

Our vision at Spectrum is to enable our customers with the skills, knowledge and technology to change their customers lives while growing their businesses faster and more efficiently.

Our most popular equipment in the Australian market is our Spectrum Lumiere Pro IPL Machine, our Spectrum Hydrodermabrasion Machine, our Spectrum LED Light Therapy Device and tattoo removal lasers. We are proud that these are award winning machines due to their design, innovations and results for customers. Make sure to ask us about our full equipment range and our clinic profit blueprint that is giving our customers an edge in the market place.

Email our team at sales@spectrumsciencebeauty.com.au for further information on our range of equipment.

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Intense Pulsed Light IPL Online Training Course

Professional online IPL training course (Intense Pulse Light Training). Our online IPL training has been developed over 10 plus years working with local and global experts and is based on our IPL training that we have been delivering to clinic owners and therapists in person and in our training centre. We have trained a variety of professionals over the years from beauty therapists, dermal therapists, home based clinics, doctors, training organisations right through to franchise groups.

We were a finalist at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) for Best Educator of the Year (Organisation) and you receive this award winning training in the comfort of your own home.

Who Is This Training For?

The course is essential for all beauty therapists, dermal therapists, IPL operators, nurses, doctors and skincare professionals looking to complete a comprehensive IPL course online.

If you want to upskill your knowledge in IPL, perform IPL and want to refresh your knowledge, start your IPL business or commence a career in IPL this course is for you.

What Training And Modules Is Involved?

Receive expert training and Spectrum certification from your own home with our online IPL training course. Training modules include:

IPL Overview and Light Physics

Learn IPL history, light interaction with skin, what is light, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, wavelength, filters, how IPL works, spot size, difference between IPL and lasers, light and tissue interaction, selective photothermolysis and more.

The IPL Consultation Process

In our onlien IPL training course learn about the IPL consultation process. Areas include consultation,consultation forms, client informed consent, contraindications, safety, precautions, pulse, parameters, complications, fitzpatrick skintone scale, test patching, pre and post IPL treatment recommendations. What we can and can’t treat with IPL.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Learn all about IPL hair reduction. The stages of hair growth, the effect of one treatment, how IPL targets hair. Causes of excessive hair growth, SHR (Super Hair Removal), speed of treatment. Learn areas you can treat (face hair, underarms, bikini, legs back chest) and areas not to be treated. Understand treatment plans.


Gain an overview on pigmentation and how it works. Learn about melanin, how age spots occur, types of pigment, loss of pigment, causes of pigment, photosensitive medications, photosensitive chemicals / fragrance, post inflammatory hyper pigment, areas to treat, process, preparation, filters, and skin check.

Skin Rejuvenation

Learn about IPL skin rejuvenation, the aging process, wrinkles, how IPL treats rejuvenation (standard IPL and in-motion treatments) and wrinkles. The clinical endpoint and aftercare considerations.


Our IPL online training course will teach you vascular, how vascular treatments work, the locations of vessels, areas to treat, vascular lesions. The causes, medical causes, main causes, identify the cause. Discover the filters for vascular, the procedure, and side effects. Learn clinical endpoints and aftercare advice.


Learn about acne, how IPL treatment for acne works, types of acne, identify the cause, the parameters to treat. Learn techniques, clinical endpoints and aftercare.

Register for our online IPL training course today HERE.

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Keep an eye out. We are launching our professional online Intense Pulsed Light training course (IPL). Developed over 10 plus years and is based on our training delivered to therapists and clinic owners in person at their clinic and at our training centre located in Queensland. Receive industry first training from a finalist at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) for Best Educator of the Year (Organisation).

Get this award winning training in the comfort of your own home. This will allow you to do it in your own time during the day or at night.

We have trained a variety of professionals over the years from beauty therapists, dermal therapists, home based clinics, doctors, training organisations right through to franchise groups.

Who Is This Online Intense Pulsed Light Training For?

The course is essential for all beauty therapists, dermal therapists, IPL operators, nurses, doctors and skincare professionals looking to complete a comprehensive IPL course online.

What Training And Modules Is Involved?

Receive expert training and Spectrum certification from your own home. Online Intense Pulsed Light Training modules include:

  • IPL Overview and Light Physics
  • The IPL Consultation Process
  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Vascular
  • Acne

Email our team at sales@spectrumsciencebeauty.com.au for further information and receive our code for our launch price special.

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Professional Skin Analyser -What to look for when purchasing?

A Professional skin analyser allows dermal and beauty therapists to confidently assess clients skin. Therefore offering therapists the ability to accurately prescribe equipment treatments and skincare programs to their clients.

What to look for in a professional skin analyser:

  • Firstly it needs to be fast
  • Most importantly is a simple all in one device – Meaning no laptop, tablets or connecting to other devices
  • Offers analysis of key skin problems
  • Provides customised reports
  • Recommends targeted treatment programs for clients
  • Allows you to import your products and treatments
  • Advertises your promotional activities
  • Has a large inbuilt screen
  • Lastly has a high quality camera to ensure accurate results

Spectrum ONE

Above all the Spectrum ONE Professional Skin Analyser clinically measures the surface and subsurface of the skin. To clarify this is done through digital imagery. (RGB visible light, PL polarised light and UV spectrum imaging technology). And is also combined with artificial intelligence and image analysis. The skin analyser captures multispectral photos of the face. And examines the complexion of pores, spots, pigmentation, moisture, fine lines, wrinkles, texture, porphyrins, and UV spots.

Spectrum’s facial skin analyser includes analysis of 10 dermis and epidermis skin problems. In addition our face skin analyser combines artificial intelligence and image analysis. Over 12 years of market testing. And 30 plus million clinical databases  allow for a approx 15 second efficient skin analysis. This is a fast professional skin analyser to ensure speedy analysis and high return on investment.

Skin Analyser Results

The Spectrum skin analyser recommends products for customized skin management programs. Therefore is able to predict the trend of your clients skin over the next 3 to 5 years. Importantly our professional skin analyser is an essential skin detection device. Especially for any beauty salons, clinics and training schools looking to change their customers lives by confidently analysing and prescribing the correct treatment solutions including skincare and equipment.

View the analyser here or speak to the team at Spectrum on 1300 766 198.

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Tightening of Skin Using NIR (Near Infrared Energy)

The Alma Rejuve NIR (Near Infrared) technology can immediately tighten the skin with noticeable results that last for up to 2 years! After just 24 hours, users will also notice an improvement in skin texture as it continues to smooth out and plump up with a radiant glow. Over the next 2 to 3 months, you can enjoy gradual improvements in texture, firmness, and evenness.

The high-powered light in the near-infrared spectrum reaches past the skin’s top layer to gradually heat the sub-dermal tissue. This light is barely visible to the naked eye and falls in the spectrum of 700nm to 2500nm. NIR therapy is powered by LED which has a gentler delivery than laser and will not damage the tissue.

This targeted light energy is applied with a precise hand-piece and it causes fibers to contract and tighten. The tissue is heated, but not destroyed, so it kick-starts cellular repair and collagen production. Unlike other treatments, the top layer of skin is completely unaffected.

How does this NIR treatment work?

The unique light technology can be adjusted to match your unique needs. The NIR technology delivers targeted skin tightening and firming results for the chin, forehead, neck, and crow’s feet wrinkles. Extensive collagen production under the surface plumps fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

You can also utilize near infrared energy across your entire body to diminish the look of cellulite and sagging skin. Firming upper thighs, smoothing out skin, and tightening the skin on your abdomen has never been as easy. Sagging, dull, and uneven skin can be addressed across small target zones or large areas of the body.

Source : https://skinexamine.com


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Beauty Clinic Coaching – Simple Rituals To Setup Beauty Clinic Success

Some times we look at really successful beauty businesses and clinics and think how did they reach that level of success? After working with many of these businesses for more than 10 years we have put together rituals and habits they use every day as a pathway to success. Have a read and let us know your thoughts! Use our knowledge instead of beauty clinic coaching.

Have One Idea Everyday That Can Improve Your Beauty Clinic – Beauty Clinic Coaching

Every day add one idea that can improve your beauty clinic and implement this straight away. The idea does not have to be big because in a year 365 small steps in the right direction will add up to huge improvements. Never get comfortable in your business because this means complacency. But remember, you have to stick with a change to see the benefits.

Plan Tomorrow Before Going To Bed Tonight For Your Beauty Clinic

Take the time at the end of each work day to assimilate everything that happened that day and make sure to wrap up loose ends and have a clear plan for your next day. Once you have created your plan focus on executing the priorities first.

Use Quality Tools In Your Beauty Clinic

Use tools and strategies that bring you results. You need to have a few great tools in your clinic in order to get the job done more efficiently from customer service through to payment (BeautyPay Platform), marketing and sales (Spectrum Success Academy). Spectrum has created the Spectrum Success Academy for our equipment customers to ensure they have the tools and strategies to grow their businesses. Contact Spectrum for further info on the Spectrum Success Academy.

Focus Your Energy On A Few Key Things

Don’t spread yourself too thin. When you are not performing treatments use your time on the key tasks that produce the best results for your business. Focus your energy on what matters more than anything else (promotion, marketing, staff sales training, treatment packaging and customer service). Also make sure to have balance, with time spent with family, very close friends, and keeping yourself healthy.

Practice Your Craft As Much As You Can

There is a saying that dreams do not work unless you do. Consistently learn and practice your craft. Believe in your vision. Work towards your vision so that it has no choice but to materialise. You need to have the right mind set, skill set and heart! Focus on further developing your technical expertise as well as business acumen. Innovation comes from making connections other people don’t see.

Follow Through With Promises

Always stick to your word if you promised something to yourself, your team or your customers. Be consistent with what you say and what you do. Feel comfortable saying no when you have to because no one can do everything that is asked of them (you don’t have enough time, hands or energy to do everything).

Study The Habits Of Other highly Successful Beauty Clinic Owners

Beauty clinic coaching. Study and learn from those who have run successful clinics. Reach out to mentors who have the skills, experience and expertise that will help you with your business. You will be surprised how responsive people will be when they see someone working hard to make their dreams a reality. The Spectrum Success Academy is about learning from those who have walked the path before you and created strategies and using tools that work. Contact Spectrum for further info on the Spectrum Success Academy.

If you’re serious about growing your beauty clinic with technology we can give you the equipment (Click Here) and tools to dominate your market and fight off this new breed of clinics that are taking market share, revenues and profits.

Join the winning side and call our team on 1300 766 198 for a no obligation discussion!

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5 Tips Every Beauty Clinic Should Follow To Get Ready For Christmas

Have you heard the phrase that the early bird catches the worm? Christmas is fast approaching and there is one thing you should start getting ready for the silly season and that is your business.

Start thinking about your strategies for the holiday season so that you can put these into action. Here is 5 tips to get your business ready for Christmas:

Tip 1: Start now and get ahead of your competitors
Don’t wait to do your ads, emails, offers and any other content that you want to release because if you wait it may get lost in all of the other holiday noise.

Tip 2: Test out new offers or packages
The festive season puts people in a giving mood. Create new promotions and packages to offer your customers to boost your business and sales. Spread some Christmas cheer, which could involve holiday season packages, a free gift with purchases, discounts or prizes.

Tip 3: Partner with complementary local businesses
You can generate business by partnering with other businesses in your area that serve your customers in a non-competitive way. A simple way to facilitate this is with a referral partnership, promotional offers or a local competition that you run together.

Tip 4: Use your website and social media channels for your promotions
Make sure you tell your customers a consistent story by aligning everything you do. With your promotions think about which channels can help you from blogs, website, facebook posts, instagram posts, emails, text messages and any other marketing activity that could help.

Tip 5: Communicate holiday hours to all of your customers
If you are closing up a little early, extending operating hours, or working different hours to get through the holiday rush, communicate these hours through your different channels (website, social media, email, text) so you don’t lose out on any opportunities.

Ready to give our tips a go? We would love to hear any success stories that you have had with your holiday activities!

Here’s to your success!
Team Spectrum

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Treating Vascular Lesions – IPL Vascular Machines

IPL Vascular Machine for Vascular Lesions

Treatment of vascular lesions with an IPL vascular machine is a very in demand treatment at present. Technology has come a long way over the years from lasers machines to IPL Machines. We take a look at the latest technology in the market.

Spectrum IPL Vascular is a technology that industry leaders have proclaimed as the technology of choice when treating vascular lesions. Spectrum vascular is exclusive to Spectrum Science & Beauty (including the Spectrum Lumiere Pro IPL ProTreat in Australia) and offers clinics a way of utilizing the technology with the safety, reliability and affordability of IPL. A major reason Dye-VL is able to produce results is because it also combines another technology called AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) which converts unused light into the usable Spectrum resulting in a increase emission and penetration into the treatment area and allowing for lower fluence to be used to achieve the desired outcome. Because lower energy is required to achieve results, the chances of unwanted side effects are minimized. This gives clinics and patients an unparalleled level of safety .

Specific Wavelengths

The IPL Vascular Machine technology uses a specific wavelengths. The specific wavelengths give beauty therapists the precision required to target  the melanin in the lesion or blood vessel (e.g.,  optimal absorption by the melanin, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin). The selective destruction (photothermolysis) of these chromophores removes the appearance of vascular lesions).

Treatment uses for Spectrum Vascular IPL Vascular Machines include:

  • Vascular lesions
  • Rosacea

Wide Range of Treatments with IPL Laser Machine

In addition to vascular the Spectrum IPL Machines provide a wide range of treatments for the face and body. Including hair removal, pigmentation, vascular, acne, and skin rejuvenation for body and face. Treatments are suitable for all skin types (I-V). And are completely safe for thin and delicate areas. Including the neck and décolleté, as well as hands, arms and stretch marks. Results include an improvement in the appearance of vascular and pigmented lesions, pore size reduction, and improved tone and texture for smooth, silky and shiny skin.

Contact the fantastic team at Spectrum Science & Beauty on 1300 766 198 if you would like further information on IPL Vascular Machines.

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Beauty Clinic Training – The Spectrum Success Academy

The Spectrum Success Academy  is a beauty clinic training portal. And was born to empower beauty clinic owners to build beauty businesses and a life you love. Gain access to strategies and tools that you can learn and implement into your business to grow and get real results. It’s about learning from those who have walked the path before you and created strategies and tools that work. There is nothing like it in the beauty industry and I can’t wait for you to see it.

“The Spectrum Success Academy is exclusive for Spectrum customers and is part of Spectrums philosophy of providing all-inclusive support. We want to be there for our customers and provide them with a Blueprint to Success (beauty clinic training, the system, tools, training and support to not only grow their businesses profitability but develop personal skill sets in marketing, sales and business)”.

How will beauty clinics benefit from the Spectrum Success Academy?

Offers free beauty clinics training in a portal. The Spectrum Success Academy is exclusive for Spectrum customers and is setup to allow beauty businesses and owners to focus on different areas that they want to drive growth in their business. Additionally build the foundations of their business including: marketing, sales, operations, business tips and tricks, customer experience and more. Beauty business owners are able to jump on the beauty clinic training portal at their convenience and learn how they can implement new business and marketing strategies such as:

  • Learn to create effective facebooks advertisements
  • How to create video content and live stream
  • Skills to sell better
  • Tools to quickly and easily create business images including marketing materials, eBooks, social media images and advertisements
  • Marketing that works
  • Ideas to automate processes or systems
  • Create memberships and Treatment Packages and many more

Is there a cost to join the Spectrum Growth Academy (beauty clinic training portal)

Spectrum is invested in our customer’s success and decided to make the academy exclusive for Spectrum customers as part of the solution they receive when purchasing equipment. This means not only will it be exclusive for Spectrum customers when they purchase but there will be no cost to join. There are Businesses charging thousands of dollars for similar services however we want to be there for our customers and help them grow their business when they introduce our technology to their services. Our Customers Success is Our Success!

Call the team at Spectrum Science and Beauty to find out more 1300 766 198.

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Accelerated Treatment Outcomes using Combined Therapy Treatment – Skincare and Technology

There is great synergy between equipment and skincare. First, results will be achieved much quicker and in a more comfortable way. The risk of complications and side effects is reduced to a minimum. Combining equipment with skincare using a tested protocol allows us to affect both the deeper skin layers, and the skin’s surface. And it increases the patient’s satisfaction and results. The patient really feels like they have been given all possible attention and care. Spectrum Science & Beauty has worked with leading European Dr Tiina Meder to create specific protocol for combined therapy treatments using equipment and skincare to enhance results.
We have created a FREE eBook protocol guide where we focus on the following treatments:

• IPL plus skincare treatment
• LED light therapy plus skincare
• Microdermabrasion plus skincare
• Hydrodermabrasion plus skincare
• Fractional RF plus skincare
• PixelPen plus skincare

Click to download our FREE eBook: https://spectrumsciencebeauty.lpages.co/free-ebook-combined-therapy-treatments/
An example is that IPL treatment is recommended as one of the instruments of combined therapy for another of treatments from acne through to photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, and vascular. For skin rejuvenation IPL is recommended to be combined with Hydra-Fill and/or Arma-Lift skin treatments with the key goals skin brightening, anti-ageing and correction of the existing signs of ageing. If the skin is dry, dehydrated and/or shows pigmentation, we provide protocol using Hydra-Fill skincare. To fight the loss of elasticity and to reduce wrinkles, we provide a protocol using Arma-Lift. We recommend combining IPL and skincare in cases of moderate and severe acne, and as a primary therapeutic solution for mild acne. When capillary changes are present, IPL can be used as a part of combined therapy along with skincare.

Combined therapy treatment with technology/equipment and skincare can provide clinics with a competitive advantage over their competition through improved results and client comfort.

For additional information in combined therapy treatments contact our team at Spectrum:

1300 766 198

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