Trying to Buy an IPL Machine in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth?

If you’re serious about expanding your service offering, you ought to think about investing in an IPL machine. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and describes the use of non-coherent light, which has many potential beauty applications. People routinely use an IPL machine for hair reduction, acne, vascular lesions, pigmentation, and photo rejuvenation. It’s a versatile technology, and it makes having terrific skin easier than ever before. Maybe you already know about IPL technology, and you’ve been wondering how to get a machine for business. If you live in one of Australia’s bigger cities, then your search won’t be too hard. In fact, one of the leading designers of laser and light- based aesthetic devices is offering customers the opportunity to buy a quality IPL machine in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Spectrum Science & Beauty is based out of Queensland and has supplied this leading technology to a broad range of valued clients since 2002.

With over a decade of experience, we know a thing or two about skincare, aesthetics and beauty equipment. During that time, we’ve made great strides to push the boundaries of the industry with innovative and high-tech solutions, giving us a major edge over other suppliers of beauty and aesthetic equipment. If you want to treat your customers to the best experience you can find, look no further than Spectrum Science & Beauty. Your decision to buy an IPL Machine in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane may be one of the best choices you ever make for your skin.

Buy Your IPL Machine in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney and Experience a New Standard of technology and service

Our technology is next generation, and so is our support. At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on offering a full experience for our clients as well as a great product. For that reason, you’ll always find top-tier maintenance and customer service when you contact us with an enquiry about any of our products. We want you to feel confident with your purchase, so we’re fully dedicated to making sure you’re comfortable and happy with your new machine at all times. You’ll never feel overwhelmed by any of our devices and systems because we make this complex technology accessible, user friendly and safe. It’s the best way to make sure your journey towards offering IPL services to your business is totally smooth.

Comprehensive Training for Business Clients

Maybe you run a business, and you’ve decided to invest in an IPL machine for your customers. If that’s the case, we’re happy to train you so that you can become a master of this powerful technology. That way, you’ll be able to answer customers questions yourself and impress them with your depth of knowledge. We want everyone to understand how special IPL technology is, so we’re always happy to explain. For more information on our products and services, call us today or check out the rest of this site. Great skin for clients starts right now.