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Choosing an IPL System

There are dozens of IPL systems in the market to choose from but how do you make sure that the machine you are considering is actually the “best bang for your buck” when you have different sales people making conflicting claims as to the merits of their particular machine.

Points you may want to consider when buying an IPL
  1. Check the company that you are buying from. Have they been around for a long time? Are they known in the industry? What is their experience with IPL?
  2. Ask for a list of customers where you can get referrals.
  3. Look at the training on offer or go on a training course before you select your machine.
  4. Look at the detailed specifications of the machines you are looking for. Demand that the specifications are given to you and don’t be fobbed off – the distributor should have all of the specifications that are listed
When it comes to specifications ask yourself the following;
  • Does the IPL machine offer a choice of larger spot sizes? (Results in faster treatment times for larger jobs)
  • Does the IPL machine have a variable temperature control at the head to allow for more comfort for the customer and prevent reddening of skin after effects?
  • What sort of power output does the IPL have (The higher power means the IPL is less likely to slow down)
  • How many treatment heads does the machine come with? (Having more than one provides a back up, saves money for the owner and offers a choice of what spot sizes you can use for the most efficient treatment)
  • Is full training at a qualified college with a comprehensive course included in the total investment you are making? (Training is not 2 days at the salon with the sales guy).
  • Is there any ongoing training? (New treatment methods are constantly being discovered)
  • How flexible are your programming options? (Is the machine easy to set up? Can you change recommended settings?)
  • Is the machine you are buying upgradeable in future as new treatment methods are discovered?
  • Is the IPL machine CE/FDA/TGA registered?
  • Does the machine have variable or fixed pulse widths? (You want variable)
  • Does the IPL have a choice of wavelengths? (You want variable)
  • Is marketing support included?
  • What is the cost of the replacement heads or lamps, filters, spares?
  • Breakdown or Technical support how quick, how much?
  • Availability of spare parts



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