From our Managing Director:

There were hundreds of companies from all over the world attending and show casing their equipment at Cosmoprof between 11-13 November 2015. This included leading European, American and Asian companies with specialised expertise and products in their respected domains.

I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss technology, the latest trends in the market, working on solutions to improve our equipment as well as working with experts on treatment techniques to improve clinical effectiveness. During Cosmoprof I received invitations from leaders in the industry to visit them in Europe to further review new technology and research from experts. I will be visiting them in March with

On the beauty side

Fractional RF (radio frequency) equipment was a major trend with huge consumer demand expected going forward. The key takeaway on this device is that there is a big difference between the range of equipment available and it was confirmed that the most effective machines offer both non-invasive as well as invasive treatments (because a combination of the two produce the most effective results).

Additionally that for optimal safety and clinical effectiveness that machine treatment tips have 49 gold plated pins. It was nice to confirm our Dana Explore could be compared favourably to the best machines in this area.

On the medical side

We saw some very interesting new equipment including vaginal rejuvenation machines. This was timely for Spectrum because we have been working with our partners on developing a leading machine for these treatments, which is just about to be released to market in Australia.


Ongoing demand in Body

 Body contouring and slimming equipment was again a huge trend. There was a vast number of different technologies in this area from radio frequency, laser lipolysis, fat cavitation, pulsed magnetic fields, cryolipolysis to name a few. We spent an extensive amount of time reviewing and discussing these devices because it is a treatment area we have been researching, reviewing and developing over the last couple of years so that we can bring a machine to market. This will be a key focus of my trip to Europe in March so watch this space for a innovative machine with leading technology that works.

body sculpting still in demand