Fractional RF is the new sensation in the beauty treatment industry! The Dana Explore Fractional RF utilises the latest innovations in technology to reshape the face profile and lift tissue around the eyes and neck. Clients are amazed by the spectacular outcomes of Fractional RF treatment, including:

  • Skin tightening, face lifting, shrinkage of pores, and improved skin texture
  • Acne and pockmark removal: acne, acne scars
  • Wrinkle removal: forehead wrinkles, fishtail lines, wrinkles under the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth
  • Brighten skin tone: uneven skin tone, skin dullness

RF technology effectively resurfaces and tightens the skin by allowing heat to penetrate the dermis with minimal epidermal destruction, resulting in little-to-no downtime for patients. Use of the invasive handpiece means the micro needles are driven directly into the skin at a set depth, where radio frequency energy is then released inside of the skin. This ensures a uniformed deep tissue warming that stimulates the collagen, and assists in the production of new collagen. This unique combination of micro needles and radiofrequency results in substantial improvement in skin quality and texture. In addition, it means this procedure can be used to treat a variety of concerns such as skin tightening and brightening; pore size reduction; and minimisation of stretch marks. It is also effective in scar treatment including treatment of deep acne scars, ice pick scars, atrophic scars, burn scars, and operation scars.

The benefits include:

  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Less patient downtime
  • Lowered risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and scarring

Equipment Cost: 

Dana Explore Fractional RF – $34,990 + GST

Pricing Model includes:

  • Machine Manual
  • Freight to your Salon
  • Starter Pack/Consumables
  • Marketing Materials
  • One Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Dana Advantages:

  • Manufactured in Korea by manufacturers operating at ‘world’s best practice’, utilising the highest possible specifications
  • Results last between 2 and 5 years (results will be seen immediately and clients will see optimal results 6 months from initial treatment)
  • Two way handpiece system including both invasive and non-invasive handpieces
  • Single client use tips at very affordable prices
  • Software is user friendly – Safe & effective treatment parameters
  • Interface is touch screen colour
  • Machine is easy to repair (modularised interior)
  • Output power level ranging from 1 to 120 level
  • Needle length 0.5mm to 4.0mm offering a range of treatments

How profitable is Fractional RF?

You will need to conduct some research on other medical practices/salons in your area for a competitive price, but some practitioners are charging up to $2,750 for full face treatments. This includes a package of 3 treatments in total.

We recommend:

  • Non-invasive – 3 treatments each 1 week apart
  • Invasive – 2-3 treatments each at least 1 week apart

Need Finance?

Want to conserve your cash flow? No problem, we are able to assist you in arranging finance through our partner.

Dana Explore Fractional RF – $34,990 Ex GST

$38,489 Inc GST12 Months24 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months
Weekly payment$859.79$418.35$311.76$251.36$211.39
After Tax Deduction ^$633.11$308.05$229.57$185.09$155.66
Monthly payment$3,725.74$1,812.83$1,350.96$1,089.24$916.04
After Tax Deduction$2,743.50$1,334.90$994.80$802.08$674.54

* Example only: please note prices may vary
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