Eftpos Terminal

Eftpos Terminal

Spectrum Eftpos helps save beauty businesses money and helps improve their bottom line. Businesses using Eftpos are seeing increased spending on cards, which results in increasing fees that impact their bottom line.

  • Earn the full amount of your goods and services
  • Save thousands every year
  • Simple low rate surcharge is paid by your customers and handled by Spectrum Eftpos
  • Your payments clear daily
  • Flexible options for merchants
  • No need to change banks
  • Integrates with your point of sale system

Spectrum Eftpos works as follows:

  • The terminal automatically adds a small surcharge to the transaction
  • The small surcharge paid by your customer covers all fees and directly pays these fees
  • The full amount of the purchase clears to merchant account daily
  • Terminal compliant to both ATO & Reserve Bank of Australia rules on surcharge and clears your money daily

Spectrum Eftpos offers beauty businesses the advantage of cost reductions while still offering a reliable and efficient eftpos service.