Many places offer laser hair removal. However, only those with equipment including Spectrum and Alma Lasers offer virtually painless laser hair removal. Recently a member of Alma’s marketing team attended a customer’s open house. Awesome feedback was received.

One client had this to say about her laser hair removal treatment:

“I had laser hair removal done and it was the best thing ever. I did not feel any pain! That is what is so surprising to me. I thought it would hurt but it didn’t! It was worth it! I’ll never have to shave again. I used to shave everyday and the hair was still never completely gone! This procedure has completely changed my life and I will recommend it to my closest friends.”

It’s such a great review; we couldn’t help but share it. Will virtually painless laser hair removal completely change your life? It depends. One thing is for sure, though. If you want to experience old fashioned hair removal lasers that can hurt, sting and bring tears to your eyes, go anywhere. If you want to experience Pain-Free laser hair removal find an authorised provider with a laser from Spectrum and Alma Lasers.