Seek Laser Tattoo Removal Machines in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

A common regret defines your clients – with each slinking into your clinic, plucking idly at their sleeves. Beneath these fabrics are an array of smudged lines and overly-saturated colours, the misspelt quotes and misappropriated cultural art. These tattoos have become frustrations, with each one there is a story to be told that the owner no longer wishes to share. You want to accommodate their needs and help, but your current tools just can’t adapt to the rising surge of requests. You need advanced (non-invasive) options to keep pace.

Allow Spectrum Science & Beauty to help. Since 2002 we’ve served as the premier provider of laser tattoo removal machines in Melbourne, laser tattoo removal machines in Brisbane, and beyond – enabling our clients to redefine their clinics and improve patient care. Through our advanced light therapy platforms, we help to enhance the targeting process, countering pigmentation through a series of nanosecond energy pulses.

We also counter it through custom solutions. With every laser tattoo removal machine in Sydney and laser tattoo removal machine in Adelaide comes a promise of turnkey options. Our team identifies the best platforms for each clinic – and then delivers comprehensive training, maintenance, and servicing, to ensure that these platforms promote optimal results. We tailor every strategy to the needs of our clients and their companies. To learn more contact us today via our online form.

Choosing Laser Tattoo Removal Machines in Melbourne and Beyond: Our Options

You demand precision with every cosmetic service. Our laser tattoo removal machines in Brisbane, laser tattoo removal machines in Sydney, and laser tattoo removal machines in Adelaide provide that precision. Through our three distinct platforms – Spectrum Switch, Dana Magnum, and Spectrum Switch Portable – we cater to all clinic needs.

  • The Spectrum Switch – this laser tattoo removal machine in Melbourne emphasises accessibility, with its unique rolling design allowing operators to position it within their clinics more efficiently. It adapts to salons, private practices, and clinics alike, delivering impressive results.
  • The Dana Magnum – innovation defines this laser tattoo removal machine in Adelaide. The Dana Magnum is the world’s first real twin-pulse system, allowing it to target the deepest pigmentation and efficiently stimulate lymphatic removals of unwanted particles. It proves most useful in high-volume tattoo removal businesses.
  • The Spectrum Switch Portable – with this laser tattoo removal machine in Brisbane comes simplicity. The Spectrum Switch Portable boasts a compact design, allowing even small clinics to access efficient energy pulses tattoo removal. Its hand piece ensures simple operations and easy targeting.

A solution for you

With each laser tattoo removal machine in Sydney and beyond we offer peerless technology and turnkey results – with our team crafting bespoke plans for every clinic, allowing them to maximise their services through systems that cater to their specific needs.

Let us do the same for you. Request further information about our laser machines today to begin the optimisation process. We’ll promptly respond to all questions, comments, or enquiries. Call us on 61- 1300-766-198, or Email