IPL Machines

Professional IPL Hair Removal Equipment for Sale in Australia

We are the number one supplier of IPL laser hair removal machines in Australia. We are dedicated to producing technological equipment that is highly effective, safe, and reduces any pain or discomfort.

At Spectrum Science and Beauty, we believe in creating technology that has the ability to improve a patient’s standard of living in a manner that is non-invasive and highly-effective. The same goes with our IPL machines, perfect for a range of differing applications. We are able to deliver our state of the art IPL machines throughout Australia, and they are perfect for a range of different facilities, including beauty clinics/practices, spas, medical practices and salons.

Browse through our range of IPL machinery to see what is best suited for your business and client base. If you need any assistance with selecting the correct IPL machine for your facility, please feel free to get in contact with our team of specialists at Spectrum Science and Beauty. We are always happy to assist business owners in selecting the right equipment as we understand that it is an important investment and essential  to select the right technology at the right budget with the right support solutions to match your business and clientele needs.

Read on to find out more about our range of extremely safe and highly effective IPL machines.


Hailed by the London School of Beauty as a revolutionary piece of technology, this product is the result of three years of engineering and development, utilises the latest technology and holds incredibly intelligent features, including a software installation that allows the Lumiere to emulate settings of any other product of its kind worldwide.

Learn more about this amazing piece of technology here. 

Esteem IPL

The Spectrum Esteem is a leading choice in IPL technology. Utilising a highly innovative permanent hair reduction system, this state of the art piece of machinery can also be used for the treatment of acne, photo-rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation, and a great technique for blonde and white hair.

Find out more about the Esteem here.

Giovane Portable IPL Machine

The portable little brother to the Esteem, the Giovane is the perfect balance of highly clinical efficiency and value for money, this highly-effective product is perfect for IPL treatments.

Read more about the Giovane here.