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  • Aquaderm Hydrodermabrasion Machine

    Hydrodermabrasion plays an important role in the beauty industry. The Aquaderm hydrates, exfoliates and repairs through the combination of TRI Technology: aqua-dermabrasion, chromotherapy infusion and variable scale nano-diamond tips

    This impressive machine features state of the art technology in hydrodermabrasion and a sleek design. Additionally it is clinically effective for both face and body treatments. A great alternative to deep cleansing, dead skin cell removal, hydration, and infusion skin repairing. Aquaderm has stormed the markets in a number of countries.

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  • Dana Explore Fractional RF

    Fractional Radio Frequency is gaining favour with practitioners and patients alike, growing in popularity due to the impressive outcomes on a wide range of skin types and colours.

    Needling is also gaining popularity and the Spectrum Dana Explore combines the proven results of RF with skin needling in a low downtime, consumer-appealing way.

    The Explore technology delivers precise columns of micro-fractional bi-polar RF energy for a range of in demand indication (skin tightening, improved skin texture, pore minimization, wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, improved skin tone, improved skin brightness, skin rejuvenation). The Explore advantage is a choice of invasive and non-invasive treatment options, to deliver superior and economical results.

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  • IPL Machine Spectrum Lumiere Pro

    Skyrocket Your Clinic’s Profit, Increase Your Customer Base & Charge More For Your Services With Our World Class, Results-Driven IPL Machine and Full Support Solution.

    The Lumiere Pro and full support solution will provide world class clinical outcomes with fast working speed meaning quicker and more comfortable treatments. Higher earning potential per treatment & client.

    When the London School of Beauty first saw the Spectrum IPL machine they described it as “revolutionary”. Spectrum have now released the Spectrum Lumière Pro IPL, which after 3 years of development employs the latest technology and is packed with intelligent features including a unique software interface allowing it to emulate the settings of any other IPL machine in the world.

    Key new features of the Lumière pro include:

    • Super Hair Removal ( SHR): SHR combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light method to achieve superior results
    • Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC): TEC cooling to ensure continuous operation of IPL machine for 12+ hours
    • Power Increase: 2400W to support high frequency treatments
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  • Skin Analyser – Spectrum ONE

    The Spectrum ONE Skin Analyser is the latest  in skin analysing to accurately analyse a clients skin and prescribe the correct treatment solutions tailored to the clients needs.

    Analysis includes 10 dermis and epidermis skin problems. Our skin analyser combines artificial intelligence and image analysis. There has been 12 years of market testing, 30 million clinical databases, which allow for a ~15 second efficient skin analysis.

    Based on results, the skin analyser recommends products for customized skin management programs and predicts the trend of the clients skin over the next 3 to 5 years. It is an essential skin detection device for any beauty salons, skin clinics and training schools looking to change their customers lives by confidently analysing and prescribing the correct treatment solutions including skincare and equipment.

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  • Spectrum Advanced Pro LED Device

    The Spectrum Advanced Pro LED harnesses the best properties that light has to offer. The Advanced LED Light Therapy Device is unique in design by using focused LED’s. These high quality LED’s focus the light at 35 degrees meaning that concentrated power is delivered to the treatment area. This means happy clients due to quality results.
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  • Spectrum Esteem IPL SHR Machines

    The Spectrum Esteem IPL SHR Machine offers a top of the range IPL system at an affordable investment. The Esteem uses an innovative system to deliver permanent hair reduction as well as protocols for acne, vascular, photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, and a technique that can be used on white and blond hair.

    Key features of the Esteem include:

    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
    • Simple Mode, Professional Mode
    • Power Increase: 2400W to support high frequency treatments

    Included with your machine is world class training which is based on proven methods and clinical research. This training not only provides the qualifications but also safety, clinical results and the confidence that you need to provide effective treatments to your clients. As a training organisation we were a Finalist at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards for Organisation of the Year.

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  • Spectrum Giovane Portable IPL Machine

    The Spectrum Giovane is the portable version of the Spectrum Esteem and has been crafted with the same care and attention.

    A balance of cost efficiency and clinical efficiency the portable IPL machine is just right for the smaller IPL operations. Investing in the Giovane also provides peace of mind that you can use the guaranteed trade in scheme to upgrade to the Lumière or Esteem if you want the top of the range Spectrum system in the future.

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  • Spectrum Integro Professional LED Machine

    The Spectrum Integro is the latest in professional LED technology to offer superior treatments.

    With premium power and extra treatment options the Integro LED allows clinics to offer even more services and additional results to customers.

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  • Spectrum LX LED Light Therapy Machine

    Spectrums Original LX LED Light Therapy Machine offers affordability and results combined in an easy to use device. The Spectrum LX has minimal settings which lets you set up and start treating in a matter of seconds. Choose between a red head (633nm), red/infrared head (633nm/830nm) or blue head (420nm).
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  • Spectrum Microdermabrasion Machine

    Microdermabrasion plays an important role in the beauty industry, adding a clinical result to the standard facial treatment. Spectrum Microdermabrasion have focussed on two key deliverables – power and simplicity. We set out to develop an instrument that is easy to use while still having plenty of power to produce desired aesthetic results.

    The Spectrum dual-function microdermabrasion machine has changed the market, removing the need for awkward gauges and clunky pumps. This unit offers a ingenuous operating interface and powerful suction for all treatment types. Whether you prefer crystal or diamond you have are equipped to meet the demand.

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  • Spectrum Quantum Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

    Spectrum Quantum QS Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser makes tattoo removal more accessible to salons, spas, clinics and practices across Australia due to its design. This is achieved because our engineers have revolutionized the tattoo and hand piece design whilst maintaining the best possible result.

    The Spectrum Quantum radiates the light of specific wavelengths in a high peak, ultra-short nanosecond energy pulse. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the pigment and results in an instantaneous blast. The pigment particles are deconstructed into small fragments, parts of them will be bounced out of the skin and the other parts will be split into tiny particles that can be absorbed by phagocytes and eliminated by the lymphatic system. Typically the Spectrum Quantum will eliminate tattoos in an average of 4 – 10 treatments depending on factors such as the age of the tattoo and the ink that has been used. It is particularly effective on black, blue, red and pink but fading will be observed in all colours to some degree.

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  • Spectrum Radiance Multi Wave LED Machine

    The Spectrum Radiance Multiwave LED Light Therapy System is the latest in non-ablative collagen building for aging skin, wound healing and acne. Science has proven that the body has a positive response to specific wavelengths.
    • Red Light: Stimulates collagen and increases elasticity
    • Infra-Red Light: Stimulates the tissue and speeds up cell renewal to increase wound healing
    • Blue Light: Kills the bacteria that cause acne
    • Green Light: Control oil skin, improve sensitive skin, and tighten big pores.

    Yellow Light: Improves microcirculation, regulates cell cytoactivee, and can control the growing of melanin

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