The SPECTRUM advantage

The Spectrum range of laser systems are designed in Australia for our local demands. We use the best materials and components available to produce the best quality machines at the highest possible specifications.

Simple Operating Interface

The Spectrum LX has minimal settings which lets you set up and start treating in a matter of seconds. No supervision required means you can set and forget, attend to other patients or clean up from your last treatment.

Specific Wavelength LED’s

The LX has 1,260 fixed wavelength, high powered, focussed LED’s. We manufacture our LED’s at 420nm, 633nm or 830nm which means they are the perfect wavelength for treating specific conditions. Any wavelengths outside these parameters will simply not have any positive effect on our skin.

Choice of Treatment Heads

Choose between a red head (633nm), red/infrared head (633nm/830nm) or blue head (420nm). Additional heads can be purchased for a small extra fee and can be swapped onto your machine so you can offer a number treatments.

Low Maintenance Costs

LED is a low cost process for the operator. The LED’s themselves are good for over 200,000 hours and draw minimal power. There are no consumables required, though a mild photosensitiser can add to the short-term result.

Light Power 1 – 10 Levels
LED Wavelengths 420nm – blue
633mn – red
833mn – infrared
Bio Pulse available Yes
Number of Heads 1 – additional heads available
Continuous Operating Time 10 – 12 hours
Life of LEDs 200,000 hours
Weight 10kg