The innovative design of the Spectrum means that it comes standard with a sophisticated software interface allowing you to program treatments in ‘simple’ or ‘professional’ modes. This offers user flexibility in regard to selecting from previous settings or customising treatment parameters, all with the simple touch of a button. The software can easily be upgraded via a USB interface, guaranteeing that you will never be behind the most current technology.

The Spectrum Giovane Duo SHR IPL comes standard with Super Hair Removal Mode, which combines laser technology with the benefits of the pulsating light method to achieve superior results. Research has shown that a slower, but more gradual heating process is significantly more effective for ensuring permanent hair reduction than high and rapid levels of energy.

The Giovane Duo SHR IPL passes, in motion, over the tissue 6-10 times, using low levels of energy but a high rate of repetition – up to 6Hz – instead of using the traditional method of singular high-energy pulses.

The Spectrum range has a unique filtering system which enables a single handpiece to be used for the entire range of available treatments. It also allows the user a choice of available filters for each treatments. Each machine comes with the following range of filters:

420-1200nm  Acne and vascular
510-1200nm  Photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular
560-1200nm  Photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular
610-1200nm  Hair reduction and deeper pigmentation
640-1200nm  Hair reduction
690-1200nm  Hair reduction (darker skin types)
755-1200nm  Hair reduction (dark skin types)
690-950nm SHR Hair reduction (Giovane Duo only)

The Spectrum’s dynamic ergonomic handle design makes the treatment process comfortable for both the operator and the patient. We only use the highest quality American Xenon Plus lamps which produce 100% power across the entirety of the blemish, meaning that it is not necessary to overlap. The handles also incorporate a shot counter, a sophisticated cooling system, and will only operate when a filter is correctly inserted. The Spectrum’s handle is useable for up to 400,000 shots.

Ensuring patient comfort during the procedure is a concern for all operators. Spectrum IPL innovatively combines water, air, and a sophisticated ‘super-cool’ microchip, allowing complete control over the temperature. The temperature range is between -4 and +10°C.

The Spectrum Giovane Duo SHR IPL has additional innovations including water filters, fan speed control boards, and water temperature sensors to protect the machine and ensure its longevity.

Equipment Cost:

Spectrum Giovane Duo SHR IPL – $27,990 + GST

Pricing model includes:

  • Machine Manual
  • Laser Safety Certificate
  • Clinical Application Course
  • Freight to your salon
  • Installation
  • Starter Pack/Consumables
  • Marketing Materials
  • One year Warranty
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Spectrum Advantages:

  • Designed in Australia by Spectrum Science & Beauty using the best quality materials and components available to the highest possible specifications
  • Simple operating interface with colour touch screen
  • Simple mode, Professional mode, and SHR mode
  • Easy upgrade USB port
  • 1 IPL handpiece (100,000 shots)
  • 1 Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology handpiece (300,000 shots)
  • 7 filters for all treatment types
  • 1 SHR filter
  • Continuous working time of 4-6 hours
  • Fast working speed (up to 6 shots per second)
  • Safety sensors throughout for accurate energy measurement and safe use
  • Modularised interior for easy repairs in remote locations
  • Self calibrating: only requires a water change every 3 months
  • Low operating/consumable costs
  • TGA registered medical grade equipment

How profitable is IPL?

Pricing for a standard underarm treatment typically starts from a price point of $80.00. With the cost of the machine being only $195.40/week, you need only perform a minimum of 3 procedures a week to generate a profit. This is equal to under 2 hours’ work!

By this equation, if you perform one treatment/day you will make:

5 x $80.00 = $400.00

Time: under 3 hours

Profit: $204.60

It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular treatment!

Need Finance?

Want to conserve your cash flow? No problem! We are able to assist you in arranging finance through our partner.

Spectrum Giovane Duo SHR IPL – $30,789inc GST

12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
Weekly payment $687.78 $338.21 $252.23 $203.21 $174.79
After Tax Deduction ^ $418.92 $206.00 $153.63 $123.77 $106.46
Monthly payment $2,980.38 $1,465.56 $1,093.01 $880.57 $757.41
After Tax Deduction $1,815.32 $892.66 $665.74 $536.34 $461.33

Tax deductions may apply. Deduction rules are liable to change. Quoted lease amounts are an estimate only and include GST, based on potential tax deductions, are paid monthly & are subject to change without notice. Final rental payments will be supplied upon approval. Please see product Terms and Conditions for full details.

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