Spectrum LED

The Spectrum Integro Phototherapy LED is the latest in photodynamic therapy. This innovative machine is designed to administer comprehensive facial treatments in combination with cosmetics. Spectrum Integro Phototherapy LED has been specifically designed to work with the body’s natural processes and generates a sequence of biological reactions with the result of stimulating cells, enhancing elastin and collagen synthesis, as well as providing significant improvements to the skin.

LED Light Therapy first came about through work by NASA, where it was proposed that LEDs had potential benefits within the medical industry. On the back of this discovery, Spectrum has developed a powerful non-invasive machine for medical and aesthetic practitioners. The machine combines 5 colours in the one machine:

  • Red Light (635nm): Skin Rejuvenation, Skin tightening, pigment
  • Green Light (560nm): Oily skin, improve Lymph circulation, body firming
  • Blue Light (415nm): Acne
  • Yellow Light (590nm): Improve skin tone, pore shrinkage, pigment
  • Infrared Light (830nm): Optional Extra: Wound healing, pain relief

Equipment Cost

Spectrum Integro Phototherapy 4 – $ 23,990 + GST

Spectrum Integro Phototherapy 5 – $ 26,990 + GST

Pricing model is inclusive of all the following:

  • Machine Manual
  • Freight to your salon
  • Starter Pack/Consumables
  • Marketing Materials
  • One Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Spectrum Advantages

  • Australian designed utilising top components to the highest specifications
  • User friendly operating interface
  • Four panels (240 LEDS)
  • Multiple wave lengths with varying specialties:
    • Red light: Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and pigment
    • Green light: Oily skin, improved lymph circulation, body firming
    • Blue light: Acne
    • Yellow light: Improved skin tone, shrinks pores, pigment
    • Infrared light (Optional Extra): Heals wounds, provides pain relief

Need Finance?

Want to conserve your cash flow? No problem! We are able to assist you in arranging finance through our partner.

Need Training?

Not a qualified operator? We have various options available to get you fully trained, and completely comfortable and competent with your new equipment.

These Include:

  1. If training is a requirement Spectrum Science & Beauty offer complete training in a one-on-one class for up to four people. This is available for $800.00 + GST for a one day, intensive course.
  1. We can come to you for one-on-one training in your salon. This is available for $800.00 + GST plus expenses for a one day, intensive course. Ask us for an accurate quotation depending on your location.

Here at Spectrum Science & Beauty, we don’t just develop and supply the latest innovations in medical and beauty equipment. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your unique business needs. Knowing the industry and our products means that we can provide assistance at any level.

When it comes to building your business, we are confident that we have the ideal products and services to support all of your individual needs.