The Spectrum Success Academy was born to empower beauty clinic owners to build beauty businesses and a life you love with access to strategies and tools that you can learn and implement into your business to grow and get real results. . It’s about learning from those who have walked the path before you and created strategies and tools that work. There is nothing like it in the beauty industry and I can’t wait for you to see it.

“The Spectrum Success Academy is exclusive for Spectrum customers and is part of Spectrums philosophy of providing all-inclusive support. We want to be there for our customers and provide them with a Blueprint to Success (the system, tools, training and support to not only grow their businesses profitability but develop personal skill sets in marketing, sales and business)”.

How will beauty clinics benefit from the Spectrum Success Academy?

The Spectrum Success Academy is exclusive for Spectrum customers and is setup to allow beauty businesses and owners to focus on different areas that they want to drive growth in their business. Additionally build the foundations of their business including: marketing, sales, operations, business tips and tricks, customer experience and more. Beauty business owners are able to jump on the portal at their convenience and learn how they can implement new business and marketing strategies such as:

  • How to create effective facebooks advertisements
  • How to create video content and live stream
  • How to sell better
  • Tools to quickly and easily create business images including marketing materials, eBooks, social media images and advertisements
  • Marketing that works
  • Ideas to automate processes or systems
  • Create memberships and Treatment Packages and many more

Is there a cost to join the Spectrum Growth Academy

Spectrum is invested in our customer’s success and decided to make the academy exclusive for Spectrum customers as part of the solution they receive when purchasing equipment. This means not only will it be exclusive for Spectrum customers when they purchase but there will be no cost to join. There are Businesses charging thousands of dollars for similar services however we want to be there for our customers and help them grow their business when they introduce our technology to their services. Our Customers Success is Our Success!

Call the team at Spectrum Science and Beauty to find out more 1300 766 198.