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Treat Your Skin Discolouration Today

Stop worrying and start acting! How to treat your skin discolouration today!

There are a lot of wonderful benefits to ageing; increased wisdom, more self confidence, higher pay grades, family status and so forth but with all of these wonderful pluses, there are also a handful of downsides. Wrinkle prevention is something we’ve all been taught since a young age. Nightly face cream application is something most girls have witnessed their mother doing by the ripe old age of 10, so yeah, you get it.

But what about when the problem isn’t wrinkles, but instead dark spots? We never expected the thrill of dark brown splotches sprinkled across our faces. Okay maybe thrill is the wrong word? Should we instead say, dismay? Or maybe just confusion? Either way, we just didn’t expect it.

Hyper pigmentation is something that is incredibly common and can come in a variety of different forms. Whether it’s sunspots or freckles, dark patches or uneven skin tone, it’s real, but skin discolouration treatment is always available.

Before we solve the problem however, it’s always a good idea to try to prevent it in the first place. If you’re prone to dark spots or your parents currently suffer from them, you definitely want to be sun smart. For dark spot prevention you should always use the recommended SPF amount, anytime you are spending an extended amount of time outdoors. Even on cloudy days! Put it this way, no one ever says, ‘I wish I hadn’t worn sunscreen’.  Right? Right.

If you’re not interested in prevention and just want a solution there are treatments out there for you. At Spectrum we provide a selection of equipment for skin discolouration treatment. All treatments are non-invasive procedures. By using intense pulsed light we’re able to specifically target the pigmented area and treat only that spot while leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

Clinics that use our equipment will always work with you to create a treatment plan that will typically be comprised of 5 separate sessions spaced out over 8-12 weeks apart.  If you’re worried about pain, it typically feels like a sunburn, but if you’re still concerned your therapist will recommend a topical anaesthetic cream prior to treatment.

Are you ready to take the next step? Find a practitioner near you here.

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Everything you Need to Know about Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal can be a stressful process.  Sure, you’re not in love with the massive and maybe even slightly embarrassing tattoo on your neck, lower back, bicep, whatever, but you remember how painful it was to get. So how painful would it be to get rid of it?

We’ll we’re here to help you through the process and answer all those nagging questions. So lets start with the basics…

Is it going to hurt?

Okay, so we’re not going to lie, getting a tattoo removed doesn’t feel good, but it’s not half as bad as people would have you believe. It’s similar to hot oil touching you from the pan. It’s not, by any means, unreasonable.

Are there preventative measures I can take to manage pain?

Your therapist will allow you to use a topical anaesthetic cream prior to the beginning of your treatment which should help with pain.

Can I only remove a part of my tattoo?

The tattoo removal systems Spectrum has developed are quick and accurate no matter how intricate or thick the design is. Our systems will get great results without any difficultly and in a minimal amount of time.

How many treatments will I need?

This is all relative to the specific tattoo you’re getting removed but in general you should expect to receive anywhere from three to twelve treatments. The toughest colours to remove are typically greens and yellows.

What are the potential complications?

With Spectrum’s laser technology tattoo removal is much safer and more efficient than it has ever been. There’s no more sanding, burning or skin grafting that come with a long list of potential side effects but as with any treatment there is still the possibility of some side effects.  These complications may include burning, scarring, hypopigmentation and incomplete removal but these complications are rare.

If you still have questions about your potential tattoo removal or to find a local practitioner click here.

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The Summer Body Dreams are Made of

Summer is just around the corner now, which means it’s about the time everyone starts panicking about how to achieve that beautiful beach body they’ve only ever dreamed of. It can be overwhelming thinking of how many days are between us and a bikini clad beach life. Yeah, it’s sneaking up and it’s time to put a game plan in place. Your clients should feel great and confident this summer and here’s how you can help them:

1. Consider a summer body campaign. It’s much easier if you get the whole salon involved, so why not offer a summer special where they can treat themselves to a treatment at a discount or work towards a goal together. It’s all about creating some excitement for your clients and your staff.

2. Encourage healthy choices. Yeah, yeah we know you’re not their nutritionist and you should never recommend it but it’s always appreciated to offer healthy alternatives. This could be as simple as offering a skinny latte or juice alternative to a heavy milk or cream coffee. Healthy habits make a huge difference!

3. Encourage Exercise. We certainly don’t mean offering unsolicited advice to your clients about their exercise routine! We were thinking a little outside of the box, perhaps going for a group yoga session or bringing a zumba instructor into your salon for a weekend class. It’s a fun exercise and way for your clients to start working towards their summer body goals and it’s a great non-traditional marketing tool for your business.

4. Develop a package offering. Create a list of recommended treatment packages for clients. If your clients are concerned about being bikini ready then a sample package could include a manicure/pedicure, facial, haircut and light therapy treatment. The Spectrum Contour uses infra-red light, RF vacuum and massage rollers to literally melt away fat and cellulite.

If you’re interested in learning how to offer your customers Light Therapy Treatments fill out an enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

If you’re a client and want to find out where you can get a light therapy treatment that will actually melt away fat and cellulite, find a practitioner in your area here.

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Industry News

Give the people what they want!

Our team at Spectrum are passionate about delivering superior quality service to each of our clients. As part of this commitment we endeavour to provide you with only the latest and greatest news in the beauty industry.

While we aren’t planning on telling you what lipstick colours are hot for spring (hot pinks and corals, ladies) we do want to provide you with useful facts and information that can potentially make a difference to your bottom line.

In The States for example, a recent study was conducted to look further into a rise in plastic surgery, where one in three surgeons saw a 30% increase in business.  The study showed that many clients who were considering plastic surgery where doing so due to social media’s influence.

There are even entire books being released with nothing but celebrity ‘selfies’. No content, just photos (we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian). In such an environment, it’s no wonder people are feeling the pressure to look great in photos. And if it’s happening in the US you can bet it’s happening right here. You can’t even walk through the shops without narrowly avoiding being hit by a selfie stick anymore.

If your clients (or you) are feeling insecure about their looks, there are way less invasive options for them to consider than typical plastic surgery. Now is the time to provide them with simpler, safer options! Whether it’s acne, wrinkles, cellulite, skin tone, scarring or stretch marks, odds are that there is a simple, safe procedure you can add to your product offering to assist them.

At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing your customers exactly what they want in an effective and simple way. If you don’t yet have the ability to deliver these options at your salon, clinic or practice, contact our friendly team today. We can walk you through the options available to make sure you’ve got what your customers already want.


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Stress Effects on Skin

When your clients (and frankly, you) are feeling stressed, it shows. Not only does it have negative effects on business, family, friends and lives in general, it also has major effects on their skin. We know first hand that stress proclaims war on skin first, so we also know how important a great skincare routine is to combat it. We’ve taken the time to compile a skincare solution to help your clients fight stress and stay bright and beautiful through it all.

So next time they tell you their skin is suffering, you’ll have the tools to help.

Take care: Your clients need to be sure they take time for themselves. If they’re feeling stress and their skin is starting to dull, the first thing they need to do is start taking better care of themselves. This may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this detail. Drink water, eat right and exercise, there is no better place to start.

Find their product: You likely have a great skincare line at your clinic or salon that can assist them with the basics like moisturising.  One great night cream or moisturiser will make all the difference to their daily routine.

Suggest a facial: Sometimes a moment of relaxation and a great facial will help improve their skin and their stress levels. If they leave feeling great and looking even better, let them know there is a more permanent fix available too.

Look into Skin Brightening Treatment:  We’d be willing to bet that the majority of your clients don’t even know there are skin-brightening treatments available to them. This is a great opportunity to educate them and help get them the results they’re looking for. Treatment from a Fractional RF system offers a long-term solution to stress affected skin.  By assisting with uneven skin tone and skin dullness, your clients will leave looking fresh and feeling great with little to no downtime.

Lighten their load: If a client comes to you for a facial, haircut or anything really, and they’re complaining of stress, take time to commiserate (we know you feel it too) and then do your best to make it easy on them. How do you this? Just offer them a cup of coffee or a friendly face. It will make all the difference to their day and probably yours too.

Are you interested in learning how to offer your clients Skin Brightening Treatments? Fill out the enquiry form to the right and one of our friendly team members will gladly assist you!

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About IPL

We get it, Intense Pulsed Light sounds intimidating but it is in fact one of the simplest and safest ways to permanently reduce any pesky unwanted hair, but don’t worry, we’ll go into further detail…

How does IPL work (and does it really work)?

Oh it works…

IPL is a type of light therapy. We use a handpiece to target certain areas of the skin at a specific wavelength. We know it sounds like a lot of technical details but what you really need to know is that it WORKS. To break it down simply, the light targets the melanin/pigment in the hair and causes it to heat up and destroys the growing cells that make the hair (It works in the same way black clothing absorbs heat on a hot day, versus white clothing which reflects it). Get ready to say, Sayonara!

What ELSE does IPL do?

In one word…everything.

Okay, maybe not everything but it does quite a bit. In addition to permanent hair reduction, it treats acne, epidermal pigmentation, freckles, vascular and conducts skin rejuvenation.

Great, but is it painful?

Before you book an appointment, ensure the IPL Machine at your salon features Adjustable Temperature Control. This will ensure they are able to adjust the temperature and keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. So okay, at times it may be slightly uncomfortable but it’s a simple, safe and quick procedure that leaves you with results and minimal downtime! And if you go to a great salon (and you really should) they will do everything to make it as enjoyable as they can.

I’ve heard it doesn’t work on white or blonde hair…

Most (innovative) machines feature an option where you can use an advanced technique which can be effective on both white and blonde hair.

Interested in learning how YOUR salon or clinic can offer IPL? Give us a call today or fill out the enquiry form to the right today.

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Social Media for Salons

So you’ve got a great salon or day spa but you’re not sure how to best market it? We understand it can be quite overwhelming when you’re just getting started in Social Media or maybe you’ve been using it for years but have never seen any results. Either way, it’s a medium you should be using. We’ve taken the time to compile a simple list to make it easy for you to get started.

    1. Plan ahead. Social Media Marketing for salons isn’t as difficult as it seems, a little structure will go a long Take the time (as hard as it is to find) and make a plan to follow. This will allow you to prepopulate your profiles with interesting posts, ensure consistency and prevent you from a last minute panic about what to post. You can even pass it on to your lovely receptionist and ask her to follow the calendar for you. See, it’s all about making your life easier!
    2. Become a Facebook professional. We’re going to assume your main focus is Facebook because it really should be. If you take the time to learn the ins and outs of this platform, not only will you engage more with current customers but you’ll also gain new customers.


So what should you post?

      1. Pictures! Before and after is always a great idea as your clients look forward to getting their photos posted and potential clients can see what you can do. And we’re not just talking about hairstyles, we’re talking about tattoo removal as well.
      2. Client testimonials! Did a client have a great service and send you some positive feedback? Share that with your likers, we guarantee they’ll be interested to see how other clients feel about your business.
      3. Competitions! Are you beginning to offer laser hair removal? Run a competition asking your followers to ‘share and like’ a photo for a chance to be the first treatment on your new machine!
      4. Relevant, short posts! Do you have a new service offering? Share it with your likers. If it’s relevant and may interest them, share it with them.


    1. Keep all profiles up to date! Whatever you do, do it well. This is probably the most important of all. If you have a Facebook page, keep up with it, if you have a Twitter account, update it frequently. Your customers are interested in what you have to say, that’s why they follow or like you, so make sure you’re saying something!
    2. Have fun! Social Media at its purest is about (you guessed it) being So have a little personality about it and most importantly don’t stress. Use this tool to talk about all the great things happening at your salon and in the industry and have fun with it.

Did you know as part of Spectrum’s Point of Difference, when you purchase a machine from us, we can also provide you with marketing/social media software to help you manage your marketing?

Want to learn more about the Spectrum Point of Difference? Fill out our enquiry form to the right or give us a call on 1300 766 198.

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5 Things that will take your Salon to the next level

Everyone wants the secret to success, particularly in an industry as competitive as the beauty industry. Whether you own a major salon or you see clients on an individual basis, there are a few tricks of the trade we’re happy to pass on to help you bring your business to the next level.

  1. Complete a business evaluation. You’ve heard of a Spring Clean before, yes? Well there’s no better time to Spring Clean your business than right now. So let’s get started. It’s impossible to take your business to the next level without having a strong understanding of its current state. Take the first step and thoroughly evaluate your salon. Is your appointment book frequently full? Are there specific areas of the business that could use a boost or are you busy across the board? Once you’ve got a good understanding you can move on to the next step.
  1. Assess your customer’s needs. The easiest way to increase business is to give your current client base what they’re looking for. If you’ve already got great relationships with your clients, why are you sending them elsewhere to have other services done? They’d prefer to go to you for all of their needs because they already trust you and your business.
  1. No, we’re not talking about increasing the size of your salon or branching out and start franchising, we’re talking about up skilling your current staff and expanding your salon’s offering. Whether it’s laser hair removal technology or wrinkle and fine line reduction, there are a wealth of opportunities out there to increase your specialties and your staff skill set. Your customers, your staff and your business will all be better for it.
  1. How to Videos: These are simple videos you can shoot on your mobile phone that will make a huge difference to your business. Create a calendar of potential how to videos and post one a week to your social media platforms. Whether it’s how to apply the perfect foundation or how to prepare for your laser treatment, these can be quick 1-2 minute videos that will boost your following and get the phone ringing.
  1. Create a referral program. People love a bargain but we don’t recommend discounting your skilled services, at least not without something in return. Give a voucher or a free consultation or perhaps some free products every time a client refers someone to you. It’s an incentive for them and more business for you at a minor investment.

If you follow these five simple steps you’ll be too busy to look back! Get ready for a major boost in business. At Spectrum we are industry experts and glad to offer you assistance for any of your potential needs.

Find out how we can help you boost business today by filling out the form on our contact us page here or calling us at 1300 766 198. From quality machines and comprehensive training to business and marketing assistance, we’re happy to help.

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