Here’s what you need to know about the rise of non-invasive treatments

We all know the beauty industry has seen many changes in the past twenty years. From trendy hairstyles like ‘the Rachel’ (if you don’t know what this is, good for you) to invasive plastic surgery’s (think Joan Rivers) and now the latest, non-invasive treatment trend surge. Of all of these trends, some were thankfully short lived while others have the potential to go on for decades, and we’re okay with that.

According to figures from The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia, Australians spent more than $773 million on ‘non-invasive’ cosmetic procedures in 2012 and it’s only going up from there. The numbers speak volumes, if you’re not already offering your clients non-invasive cosmetic procedures, then it’s a good idea to start now.

We all know how difficult it is to feel your best every day. Sometimes, you just need a little boost and the same goes for your clients. Everyone has a ‘trouble spot’ or an area that they are particularly self-conscious about so why not offer them a safe, non-invasive solution to their problems?

So what exactly do we mean by ‘non-invasive’? Clients who are looking for non-invasive treatments are often looking for a treatment that does not require any type of incision into the body whilst still delivering the desired effect.

Some of the most popular treatments are microdermabrasion and laser. These non-invasive treatments allow clients to be treated in a few sessions and up and running shortly after with little to no downtime, but lots of results.

Of those Australian’s who spent money on non-invasive cosmetic procedures back in 2012, a whopping 96.7% of them were female and most between the ages of 20-40. The fact is, these demographics are likely describing your ideal target market. So the question is, if you’re not already offering these non-invasive treatments to help your current (and potential) clients, then why not start?

If you decide to try your hand at non-invasive treatments we can help you get started. We’ll work with you to determine your exact target market, what type of machine is going to work best for them and your business. Whether you’re primarily concerned about ease of use, ROI or interested in one specific treatment type, we will help you to get exactly what you’re after. With thorough training, business and marketing support there’s nothing standing between you and the absolutely exploding business of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

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Boost Your Business This Summer With These Great Machines!

The weather is heating up and summer is (almost) officially here. With its arrival you should expect an influx of clients who are after more ‘seasonal’ treatments than you typically provide. So what can you do to take advantage of this new burgeoning market whilst also providing memorable, helpful service to your valued customers? It’s easy, we promise.

Start by identifying your customers needs and then give them what they want. Sure, it’s an easy enough theory, but how do you get started?  Consider what needs or concerns you experience every summer, your clients are just like you so if it’s a concern of yours then it’s likely a concern of theirs. To help you out, here are the concerns we face every summer: hair removal (who can be bothered shaving or waxing all the time?) and impossible pockets of fat, aka trouble spots (that we have been trying to target with our workouts for months).  Odds are your clients are thinking about these things too and the good news is you can offer them something to help.

If you’re looking to boost business this summer there is no better way than offering your customers the services they are already in the market to get. Some of the best machines to consider are the Spectrum Contour+ and one of our IPL or Laser machines.

The Spectrum Contour+ is an all in one body contouring system that will not only give your clients the results they are after but also leave them feeling confident and beautiful, exactly how they should feel every day. With this advanced system they won’t have to worry about looking good in their bikini or summer shorts, the Spectrum Contour+ literally melts away fat and who doesn’t love that?

Our IPL and Laser machines are outstanding options for permanent hair reduction. With one of these machines you’ll be able to help your clients avoid the razor and wax, for life. Permanent hair reduction typically only requires approximately 8 treatments and they’ll be able to bask hair-free in all their glory.

The bonus to providing these options to your clients is with one of these machines comes the unprecedented Spectrum Point of Difference where you’ll experience our outstanding customer service, marketing support, treatment training and business support. Sounds great right?

To get started fill out our enquiry form to the right and one of our friendly team members will gladly assist you.

Still not sure? Download our ebook, 5 Ways an IPL Machine Can Boost Your Business here to learn a little more.

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