Summer is just around the corner now, which means it’s about the time everyone starts panicking about how to achieve that beautiful beach body they’ve only ever dreamed of. It can be overwhelming thinking of how many days are between us and a bikini clad beach life. Yeah, it’s sneaking up and it’s time to put a game plan in place. Your clients should feel great and confident this summer and here’s how you can help them:

1. Consider a summer body campaign. It’s much easier if you get the whole salon involved, so why not offer a summer special where they can treat themselves to a treatment at a discount or work towards a goal together. It’s all about creating some excitement for your clients and your staff.

2. Encourage healthy choices. Yeah, yeah we know you’re not their nutritionist and you should never recommend it but it’s always appreciated to offer healthy alternatives. This could be as simple as offering a skinny latte or juice alternative to a heavy milk or cream coffee. Healthy habits make a huge difference!

3. Encourage Exercise. We certainly don’t mean offering unsolicited advice to your clients about their exercise routine! We were thinking a little outside of the box, perhaps going for a group yoga session or bringing a zumba instructor into your salon for a weekend class. It’s a fun exercise and way for your clients to start working towards their summer body goals and it’s a great non-traditional marketing tool for your business.

4. Develop a package offering. Create a list of recommended treatment packages for clients. If your clients are concerned about being bikini ready then a sample package could include a manicure/pedicure, facial, haircut and light therapy treatment. The Spectrum Contour uses infra-red light, RF vacuum and massage rollers to literally melt away fat and cellulite.

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If you’re a client and want to find out where you can get a light therapy treatment that will actually melt away fat and cellulite, find a practitioner in your area here.