Peace of mind with our new machine trade in

A concern for purchasers of beauty equipment, particularly when they are spending thousands of dollars, is that something better comes out several months or even years later that makes their equipment obsolete.

Spectrum Science & Beauty recognises this potential problem and whilst we make every effort to ensure that owners of older style equipment can upgrade to the latest technological advances (e.g., our USB software updates on our IPL machines) we know that this concern still exists for potential and existing customers. That is why we have our new equipment trade in scheme.

This will ensure that when you purchase any piece of major equipment from Spectrum Science & Beauty you have the peace of mind knowing that you can always update your equipment at a known cost before you commit to purchasing a machine from us.

The trade-in value for our equipment is based on a percentage of the amount you paid for your equipment. You will get the trade-in value as long as you buy an equivalent piece of equipment at a similar cost to the piece of equipment you are trading-in.

Trade-in Values

12 months36 months48 months60 – 72 months
Trade-in value40%30%20%10%