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Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy is widely recognised as an essential treatment in professional clinics for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, skin clearing, reducing inflammation and even reducing acne. LED offers a totally natural, non-ablative method for beauty and wellness (not only physical but mental wellbeing).

LED was first developed by NASA to assist growing plants in space, which then led to the discovery of the amazing affects on humans. LED’s popularity has grown and become a staple in professional clinics which created demand for high quality equipment at affordable price points.

Spectrum has designed a range of LED technology, at affordable price points based on local Australian needs. Spectrum harness the full benefits in a device that not only delivers consistent clinical results but is easy to use and cost effective to operate.


There is a warm and welcoming team atmosphere at the company from the front desk right through to the trainers.



The benefits of LED light therapy are fast becoming known as
more people realise the full potential of what light has to offer.

No matter which machine you choose, you get the benefit of a team that will support you
including exclusive access to our world class Spectrum Success Academy to make sure
you can successfully use and market your new services.

  • Spectrum Integro Professional LED Machine

    The Spectrum Integro is the latest in professional LED technology to offer superior treatments.

    With premium power and extra treatment options the Integro LED allows clinics to offer even more services and additional results to customers.

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  • Spectrum Radiance Multi Wave LED Machine

    The Spectrum Radiance Multiwave LED Light Therapy System is the latest in non-ablative collagen building for aging skin, wound healing and acne. Science has proven that the body has a positive response to specific wavelengths.
    • Red Light: Stimulates collagen and increases elasticity
    • Infra-Red Light: Stimulates the tissue and speeds up cell renewal to increase wound healing
    • Blue Light: Kills the bacteria that cause acne
    • Green Light: Control oil skin, improve sensitive skin, and tighten big pores.

    Yellow Light: Improves microcirculation, regulates cell cytoactivee, and can control the growing of melanin

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  • Spectrum LX LED Light Therapy Machine

    Spectrums Original LX LED Light Therapy Machine offers affordability and results combined in an easy to use device. The Spectrum LX has minimal settings which lets you set up and start treating in a matter of seconds. Choose between a red head (633nm), red/infrared head (633nm/830nm) or blue head (420nm).
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  • Spectrum Advanced Pro LED Device

    The Spectrum Advanced Pro LED harnesses the best properties that light has to offer. The Advanced LED Light Therapy Device is unique in design by using focused LED’s. These high quality LED’s focus the light at 35 degrees meaning that concentrated power is delivered to the treatment area. This means happy clients due to quality results.
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