eDerm Silk Serum

This powerful serum is designed for post laser, post peels, sun burns, wound healing, scar reduction, and restoring elasticity and skin tone. Its moisture retention benefits reduce dryness, itching and burning. It contains a very high concentration of medical grade Hyaluronic acid, which dramatically boosts the skin’s hydration levels and helps to maintain the elasticity within the skin
This unique concentrate also contains Magnesium, Zinc & Copper and the remarkable peptide known as SNAP-8 greatly assisting collagen synthesis & wound healing.

eDerm Barrier Recovery Serum

Innovative intense hydrating, restoration serum that soothes, protects & nourishes. Supplies skin with vital natural moisture factors, lipids, potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal benefits. Prevents dryness, heals, plumps & repairs damage. Quickly absorbs into the
skin replenishing moisture, creating a protective, silky barrier to help prevent dehydration & provide long term correction. Ideal post laser, invasive peels, sun burn, eczema, psoriasis, mature & wrinkled skins.

eDerm EGF + HA Mask 

Reduces inflammation, erythema & dryness. Promotes wound healing, generating new skin & restoring existing skin with concentrated Hyaluronic Acid & Epidermal Growth Factor. Liposomal delivery restructures skins complex matrix, plumping for youthful volume & shielding against free
radicals & environmental aggressors. The HA Bio Gel layer provides web like scaffolding, binding actives for regulated release. Unique & elegant gel to serum formulation delivers effortless, nonsticky after feel.

eDerm EGF + HA Serum 

Complete skin rejuvenation. Vital growth factors penetrate with liposomal delivery, aiding optimal skin health & scar reversal. Can be used immediately post needling & non-invasive Rxs. Vital armour for ultimate skin protection.