Spectrum ONE Skin Analyser

Spectrum ONE Skin Analyser

Spectrum ONE Skin Analyser

The Spectrum ONE Skin Analyser is the latest  in skin analysing to accurately analyse a clients skin and prescribe the correct treatment solutions tailored to the clients needs.

Analysis includes 10 dermis and epidermis skin problems. Our skin analyser combines artificial intelligence and image analysis. There has been 12 years of market testing, 30 million clinical databases, which allow for a ~15 second efficient skin analysis.

Based on results, the skin analyser recommends products for customized skin management programs and predicts the trend of the clients skin over the next 3 to 5 years. It is an essential skin detection device for any beauty salons, skin clinics and training schools looking to change their customers lives by confidently analysing and prescribing the correct treatment solutions including skincare and equipment.




Product Description

Here is why we are excited for you!

  • It’s simple to use – No laptop, tablets or connecting to other devices
  • More sales for you – Skincare ranges can be uploaded into the system & will recommend products for your customer based on analysis
  • Advertise – Other promotional activities within your business
  • Large Screen – 15.6 inch inbuilt screen
  • Build your own case studies




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