BeautyPay is a payment solution tailored specifically for the beauty industry to assist clinics in growing their business. Designed for Beauty Salons/ Clinics, Cosmetic Laser and Injectable Clinics, Medical Clinics, Hair Salons and Home Based Clinics.

BeautyPay can be used for all your treatment programs including:
• IPL treatments
• Massage and facial packages
• Brows/microblading
• Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle
• Laser and hair removal treatments
• Tattoo removal treatments,
• Microdermabrasion treatments
• Led light therapy
• Haircuts and colour programs
• Cosmetic tattooing and much more.

Example Beauty Clinic Package: IPL Brazilian and Underarm

Programme Inclusion: 6 x IPL Brazilian, 6 x IPL underarm
• Term: 36 weeks
• Frequency: Treatment every 6 weeks
• Deposit: Upfront deposit received
• Payment: Automatic recurring payment arrangement is setup and you receive equal payments every week over 36 weeks
• Payments work on autopilot and you can focus on your business

Why are businesses implementing BeautyPay?
• Helps businesses increase revenue and treatments by offering an alternative to upfront payments
• Easy to run reports including scheduled (future) revenue
• Fees are neutralised so no cost for beauty clinic
• Be paid on time and generate future and reliable revenue streams
• It is quick and easy to setup your clients
• With a portion of your revenue coming in through recurring payment it can help you budget and manage cashflow
• BeautyPay offers a professional payment platform to manage your payments so that you can focus on your business and customers.
• BeautyPay is simple and fast for your customers. As this is a direct debit service and not a credit service, there is no need for messy and confusing credit checks or application processes.
• Following up customers for payment is the last thing you want to do. BeautyPay puts this work on autopilot with its Artificial Intelligence doing the follow up.

BeautyPay also offers a mobile virtual terminal with no monthly rental fees and the $10 monthly fee is deleted after $500 in transactions per month.

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