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Upgraded Formulation of Meder Beauty Science Arma-Lift Mask

Latest research on skin ageing is opening new possibilities for affecting the deeper layers of the skin. As science reveals particular biochemical mechanisms, gradually changing with time, we upgrade the formulation of Meder Beauty Science anti-ageing and firming Arma-Lift mask making it an even more powerful tool for conquering age-related skin changes.

The key active ingredient remains unchanged: Epidermal Growth Factor is a signalling peptide able to re-establish and enhance the skin’s regeneration, increase the synthesis of all primary structural elements and improve cellular communication in the skin. Ageing is believed by many to lead to the accumulation of damage from stress, pollution, UV exposure and other factors, and almost always pigmentation disturbances begin to develop with age.

With that in mind, we include alpha arbutin, a very powerful and at the same time safe brightening ingredient. Hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights moisturises, soothes and stimulates the skin, making the overall effect of Arma-Lift mask a perfect combination of moisturising and lifting.

What’s New
The new version of Arma-Lift mask affects facial muscles as well as the skin thanks to a new ingredient in the formulation, arginine. As many would already know, arginine is an amino acid which oxygenises the muscles and restores their tone and elasticity. Facial muscles lose muscle tone with age, but the use of arginine helps make them stronger and thicker, restoring the facial
contour and shape.

It is now known, that the key factor in age-related skin dryness is the change in the expression of certain genes in the skin cells. As it turns out, this process can be affected by a small doze of urea, also known as carbamide. Urea stimulates the syntheses of all primary proteins in the epidermis and of antimicrobial peptides in the keratinous layer, restoring the skin’s natural protection and making it smooth and moisturised.

Carrageenan, extracted from an alga called Chondrus Crispus, is combined with natural Japanese polysaccharide Pullulan to create a delicate hydrating film layer on the skin surface. This film retains moisture on the skin surface, while also restoring the skin’s natural microbiome. An added moisturising action is provided by Allantoin which, at the same time, enhances the restoration and regeneration of the skin soothing it, reducing redness and sensitivity, smoothing out the skin’s surface and reducing the damage caused by UV exposure.

The upgraded Arma-Lift mask provides an instant lifting and refreshing effect combined with deep hydration of the skin and therapeutic rejuvenating effect.

We have also made an important choice to remove fragrance from the mask’s active gel in order to further minimise the risk of allergic reaction. Fragrance-free masks can be used after all kinds of medical procedures without any discomfort for the patients.

Who should use Arma-Lift mask?
Arma-Lift mask will be beneficial for the people who prefer a younger look and do not want to tolerate age-related skin changes. There is no need, however, to start using Arma-Lift mask before the actual changes start appearing. We recommend Arma-Lift mask to the customers who are older than 40–45 and are concerned with objective signs of skin ageing.

However, there are no age restrictions when Arma-Lift mask is used for the skin restoration after chemical peel, laser resurfacing and other aesthetic treatments. In these cases, we recommend using Arma-Lift mask 1–2 times a week for several weeks after the abovementioned treatments to accelerate the skin’s renewal and to prevent possible complications and side effects.

Instructions for use
After cleansing the skin, take the mask out of the sachet, unfold and carefully place on the face securing it in place. Leave the mask on for 20–25 minutes, then remove it and gently rub the remaining active gel into the skin. For best results use Meder Beauty Science cleansers and serums, add Arma-Lift concentrate during the active course.

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Accelerated Treatment Outcomes using Combined Therapy Treatment – Skincare and Technology

There is great synergy between equipment and skincare. First, results will be achieved much quicker and in a more comfortable way. The risk of complications and side effects is reduced to a minimum. Combining equipment with skincare using a tested protocol allows us to affect both the deeper skin layers, and the skin’s surface. And it increases the patient’s satisfaction and results. The patient really feels like they have been given all possible attention and care. Spectrum Science & Beauty has worked with leading European Dr Tiina Meder to create specific protocol for combined therapy treatments using equipment and skincare to enhance results.
We have created a FREE eBook protocol guide where we focus on the following treatments:

• IPL plus skincare treatment
• LED light therapy plus skincare
• Microdermabrasion plus skincare
• Hydrodermabrasion plus skincare
• Fractional RF plus skincare
• PixelPen plus skincare

Click to download our FREE eBook: https://spectrumsciencebeauty.lpages.co/free-ebook-combined-therapy-treatments/
An example is that IPL treatment is recommended as one of the instruments of combined therapy for another of treatments from acne through to photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, and vascular. For skin rejuvenation IPL is recommended to be combined with Hydra-Fill and/or Arma-Lift skin treatments with the key goals skin brightening, anti-ageing and correction of the existing signs of ageing. If the skin is dry, dehydrated and/or shows pigmentation, we provide protocol using Hydra-Fill skincare. To fight the loss of elasticity and to reduce wrinkles, we provide a protocol using Arma-Lift. We recommend combining IPL and skincare in cases of moderate and severe acne, and as a primary therapeutic solution for mild acne. When capillary changes are present, IPL can be used as a part of combined therapy along with skincare.

Combined therapy treatment with technology/equipment and skincare can provide clinics with a competitive advantage over their competition through improved results and client comfort.

For additional information in combined therapy treatments contact our team at Spectrum:

1300 766 198

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Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) 2017

The Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) was held on Sunday the 27th of September with 580 guests attending. Spectrum Science & Beauty are very proud to be a major sponsor of the awards and support the industry that we love.

The ABIA’s have cemented their position as the Oscars of the beauty industry and with a growing number of entrants each year, they are clearly seen as the benchmark of excellence and the most sought after accolade for salons and spas in Australia.

On behalf of Spectrum we would like to congratulate all the finalists and winners of each category this year. We were very excited to see a number of Spectrum customers as both finalists and winners at the awards.

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 2017 Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

Beauty Therapist of the Year
Amanda Di Cesare, Le Chic Skin & Beauty

Salon Manager/Co-ordinator of the Year
Kylie Rogers, Skin Fitness

Business Director/Owner of the Year
Karla McDiarmid, Macquarie Medi Spa

Cosmetic Tattoist of the Year
Katy Sullivan

Best Salon Design
Cocoon Spa

Best Marketing
Keturah Day Spa

Best Salon Training
Keturah Day Spa

Educator of the Year – Individual
Otto Mitter

Educator of the Year – Organisation
Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science

Customer Care Award
Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic

Salon Team of the Year
Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst

Tanning Salon/Service of the Year
Beach St Tanning

Make up Artist of the Year
Liz Sharp

NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
4 Treatment Rooms or less
The Temple Skincare

VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
4 Treatment Rooms or less
James Vivian Dermal Therapies

QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
4 Treatment Rooms or less
Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic

WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
4 Treatment Rooms or less
Cosmedica Skin Specialists

NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
5 Treatment Rooms or more
Richmond Skin Fitness

VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
5 Treatment Rooms or more
Vitality Laser & Skin Clinic

QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
5 Treatment Rooms or more
Simply Elegant

WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
5 Treatment Rooms or more
Keturah Day Spa

National Wholesaler of the Year
DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies

Special Recognition Award
Face Of Man

Hall of Fame
Caroline Nelson

Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
4 Treatment Rooms or less
The Temple Skincare

Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year
5 Treatment Rooms or more
Keturah Day Spa

Spectrum have been a major sponsor of the awards for a number of years and it is fantastic to see growth year after year and how it is now embraced by the industry as the awards that set the benchmark of excellence.

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New Method for Treating Acne (Eu-Seb)

Acne skincare. Traditionally acne has been treated by trying to eliminate harmful bacteria from the skin, usually by traumatic means, like acids. While being effective in many cases, it can damage the skin’s flora, regardless to whether its harmful or beneficial, which in turn can make the skin dry/susceptible to UV damage/sensitive and in many cases the problem still persists.

Meder Beauty Eu-Seb treatment was based on research that states that the human microbiome, all the bacteria living on our skin, is not only as individual as a fingerprint, but also essential for our health. It is the imbalance of the bacterial species that needs to be corrected rather than just trying to burn all the microorganisms from the skin surface. So, what (Eu-Seb) prebiotic does, is essentially restore the healthier balance and let the bacteria deal with each other in a more natural way. Other ingredients, like aloe extract, chamomile etc., calm the irritation and relieve the unpleasant symptoms, like redness, inflammation and discomfort. What it means for the patient, is that there are no unpleasant sensations (burning, itching, further redness, peeling, etc.) and after a treatment the skin looks calmer and more matte right away. Since the skin’s surface is not damaged, there is no risk of increased exposure to UV, which in Australia is a key factor. And it can take the problem away without traumatising the skin. 

Eu-Seb has been found to be safer, completely painless and comfortable for the patient, more natural and backed by the latest research (microbiome is a hot topic right now in health and beauty).

If you would like further information contact the team at Spectrum on 1300 766 198.

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A payment solution tailored specifically for the beauty industry

BeautyPay is a payment solution tailored specifically for the beauty industry to assist clinics in growing their business. Designed for Beauty Salons/ Clinics, Cosmetic Laser and Injectable Clinics, Medical Clinics, Hair Salons and Home Based Clinics.

BeautyPay can be used for all your treatment programs including:
• IPL treatments
• Massage and facial packages
• Brows/microblading
• Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle
• Laser and hair removal treatments
• Tattoo removal treatments,
• Microdermabrasion treatments
• Led light therapy
• Haircuts and colour programs
• Cosmetic tattooing and much more.

Example Beauty Clinic Package: IPL Brazilian and Underarm

Programme Inclusion: 6 x IPL Brazilian, 6 x IPL underarm
• Term: 36 weeks
• Frequency: Treatment every 6 weeks
• Deposit: Upfront deposit received
• Payment: Automatic recurring payment arrangement is setup and you receive equal payments every week over 36 weeks
• Payments work on autopilot and you can focus on your business

Why are businesses implementing BeautyPay?
• Helps businesses increase revenue and treatments by offering an alternative to upfront payments
• Easy to run reports including scheduled (future) revenue
• Fees are neutralised so no cost for beauty clinic
• Be paid on time and generate future and reliable revenue streams
• It is quick and easy to setup your clients
• With a portion of your revenue coming in through recurring payment it can help you budget and manage cashflow
• BeautyPay offers a professional payment platform to manage your payments so that you can focus on your business and customers.
• BeautyPay is simple and fast for your customers. As this is a direct debit service and not a credit service, there is no need for messy and confusing credit checks or application processes.
• Following up customers for payment is the last thing you want to do. BeautyPay puts this work on autopilot with its Artificial Intelligence doing the follow up.

BeautyPay also offers a mobile virtual terminal with no monthly rental fees and the $10 monthly fee is deleted after $500 in transactions per month.

To learn more about BeautyPay, contact our friendly team today:

Email: info@beautypay.com.au
Website: www.beautypay.com.au

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Make 2017 Your Year

2017 has kicked off. Start 2017 by making your goals/resolutions with a process to support their attainment and when you review in a year’s time you will be very happy with the results!
It is estimated that fewer than 10 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions/goals. We all know it’s not creating a resolution that is the hard part; it is about sticking to them for the next 365 days. How are you going to achieve your resolution/goals this year?

Write Your Resolutions Down

The best way to keep your resolution or goal is to write them down. Creating daily to do lists and recording long-term goals are really good ways to manage your goals and turn them into action.
Start your year strong and manage your goals. Make sure to write your goals down and take notes as the year progresses.

Create Timelines for Your Resolutions/ Goals

Make sure to create timelines for your goals. We recommend that you focus on short-term goals as well as long-term. Focus on 30 day or 90 day goals because it has been shown to produce better results by focusing on shorter time frame goals than on the full year (365 days). With long-term goals it is much easier to procrastinate and say to yourself there is still plenty of time because the year has only just started.

Stay Clear on Your Business and Personal Goals
Reviewing and staying clear on your vision for not only your business but personal goals is important. Schedule time every day or week to focus on your vision and changing your thoughts. 30 to 90 days is long enough to make positive and lasting changes to your thoughts and behaviours. Keep your mind open to new thoughts and ways of doing things (write down these new ideas and thoughts, which will help continually turn them into action).

Develop ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals. This could be by stating your goals to a close associate or partner. Or maybe through a business coach that holds you accountable on a one-on-one setting. If you have ever had a gym or workout partner you know that this helps keep you accountable to your workouts. You show up to the workout session even when you don’t feel like it because you don’t want to let your workout partner down. You can get the same benefits from a associate, partner or coach. Find what works for you.

An example may be to introduce a new beauty service or equipment to your business within 90 days. Or increase revenue from your IPL machine by xx amount through implementing a new marketing strategy and campaign. Do you have learning goals for the year? Or health and relationship goals?

Commit right now to achieve your goals!


Speak to our team about your beauty business goals for 2017. We would love to learn about your business and discuss the best available options for your business and client base. Through our full support solution you could kick off the year offering advanced treatments with our industry leading technologies, training and support to your budget at a more affordable investment than you may think.

1300 766 198


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Why Choose Hair Removal from a Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Why Choose Hair Removal from a Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Professional laser hair removal machine treatments is one of the world’s most common cosmetic treatments for unwanted hair.

Professional hair Removal Laser machines utilise beams of highly concentrated light which are designed to selectively penetrate into the follicles of hair (absorbed by the pigment in each hair follicle and subsequently destroy the hair that is within that hair follicle). Over the years a number of different light sources and lasers have been created that can be used in professional laser hair removal machines. The treatment was originally developed to be treated on dark hairs on light skin. However certain new technologies have been developed and used to make treatments safer for patients with darker skin tones. An example of technologies include laser hair removal machines (diode laser, SHR technology, alexandrite lasers and Nd:Yag lasers) and IPL Machines (intense pulsed light machines).

Why are people choosing professional laser hair removal?

A professional laser hair removal machine can remove unwanted hair from certain conditions that cause excess hair growth or can offer a new look. In most cases individuals will require a number of treatments which will result in permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair. The leading lasers and light sources are cleared for permanent hair reduction, this means a reduction over time. The results will depend on the individual with some people seeing very long term hair removal which may last for many years. While others can sometimes require maintenance treatments over time to maintain their degree of hair loss. Unfortunately it is not possible to determine in advance of treatments exactly who will require how many treatments and what the result will be in terms of permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal does work best on customers with dark hairs on lighter skin (well trained clinicians using a proven technology can provide a good framework to customers). Newer technologies from businesses including Spectrum Science & Beauty and Alma Lasers have made the procedure safe and effective in those with darker skin.

How does a customer prepare for a professional laser hair removal treatment?

Before the treatment, a trained therapist or clinician will perform a consultation so that you can make an informed consent. The consultation also gives the therapist an opportunity to identify any contra-indications that may prevent or limit you from having a treatment.

Once the consultation has been performed and you wish to proceed to the next step, a client consultation and consent form must be filled in and signed. The consultation form will require you to fill in information about yourself. This information will allow the therapist to assess suitability for the treatment and identify any issues that may restrict or contra-indicate performing the treatment. The consultation form may include information such as;
– Lifestyle Habits
– Medical History
– Medications

This above is also the time for the therapist or clinician and patient to discuss expectations of the treatment, potential risks and the outcomes of the treatments. Customers receiving laser hair removal should for example avoid the following: tanning beds, sunbathing, chemical peels, waxing, collagen injections for atleast 2 weeks before the treatment. Additionally, avoid deodorants, perfumes, or any potential irritants within the area to be treated before and after the laser hair removal treatment. Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements (this list is not exhaustive and there will be other contra-indications that need to be avoided).

What can a customer expect after hair removal

An example of what customers may experience following the treatment:

– Swelling and redness of the hair follicle, which is a normal occurrence.
– Can experience discomfort.
– Should avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week following all laser hair removal treatments.

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Super Hair Removal (SHR): Laser Hair Removal Machine

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is a technology invented by Alma Lasers and is their proprietary laser hair removal machine technology that is now been used in clinics all around the world and has global brand recognition.


What is SHR and How does it Work?

SHR is becoming a very common term when people speak about hair removal technology. So how exactly does this technology work? SHR gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that is able to effectively damage hair follicles and also prevent re-growth of the hair follicles, while very importantly avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. With Super Hair Removal the hair follicles do not get exposed to one single pulse of high energy because using a single pulse of high energy can have the risk of injuring the skin.  Instead the follicle receives multiple, short, and low energy pulses accumulating enough energy to damage the hair follicle. With the equipment supplied from Spectrum parameters are provided to ensure the correct accumulated energy resulting in the most effective results.

Using a high repetition rate short pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, and achieve high average power which results in therapeutically effective build-up of heat, and best of all virtually no pain for the patient.

An In-Motion method is used with SHR by moving the handpiece multiple times over the area being treated to ensure full coverage of the treated area. Grid templates are used to ensure the most effective results. Glacial Tech cooling is used via a sapphire tip preventing superficial burns and facilitating virtually painless but very effective hair removal.

Check out a video on the Doctors Show using Alma Lasers SHR Technology: http://www.almalasers.com/news/company-news/the-doctors-featuring-soprano-ice/

Laser Hair Removal Machine – Alma Remove by Spectrum

The Alma Remove Laser Hair Removal Machine offered by Spectrum offers the safest, most effective laser hair removal solution available today and is backed by a number of clinical studies. Beauty and medical clinics can treat all skin tones and a wide range of hair types all year round (365 days a year).


IPL Machine – Alma Rejuve by Spectrum

The Alma Rejuve IPL Machine is an effective skin rejuvenation system treating: pigmentation, vascular, skin rejuvenation, tightening and contouring of body/face and hair removal. The Rejuve is as effective as laser treatments, and comes with the safety, versatility and low-cost of pulsed light. There is also an option to upgrade to SHR.

If you would like further details on SHR technology, Laser Hair Removal Machines, or IPL Machines contact the team at Spectrum Science & Beauty:



1300 766 198

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Cosmoprof Asia – Aesthetic Equipment

Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong- Aesthetic Equipment

The 21st addition of Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong was held on the 15th to 17th of November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre featuring a full range of aesthetic equipment. Cosmoprof Asia has become the largest international trade show in Asia for all sectors of the beauty industry. Asia Pacific is now the second largest market for cosmetics after Europe.

Visit Cosmoprof website: http://www.cosmoprof-asia.com

This was another great event for the aesthetic industry and Spectrum. Of note the Alma Beauty line of equipment including IPL Machines and Laser Hair Removal machines that Spectrum offer throughout Australia were exhibited at the show and received fantastic feedback from existing customers and the industry. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for regular updates on conferences and events that we attend: https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumScienceandBeauty/

The Spectrum Team worked with a number of leading parties during the event to implement best practice customer service and support. This included adding additional services to our full support solution to ensure we offer best practice support in Australia. We held workshops with our partners engineers/research and development teams to continue to implement improvements to our technologies.

Thousands of companies from around the world show cased their equipment and product and it was very valuable for the team to learn and discuss technology and new innovations with different businesses that have specialised expertise and products in their domain. Key Aesthetic Equipment technologies at the event included IPL machines, Laser Hair Removal Machines, Body Contouring and Radio Frequency Machines, LED Light Therapy and Skin Analysers.

We look forward to working towards our vision to offer the leading equipment and support in our industry.

Spectrum Science & Beauty Team

1300 766 198

Alma Lasers Beauty line exhibited at Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong:

Alma Products

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Contouring and Tightening of Body and Face

In recent years the beauty and aesthetic industry has seen considerable growth in minimally or non-invasive body shaping and contouring treatments with demand continuing to rise.


Non-surgical treatments are attracting clients due to significant outcomes, patient safety, reduced treatment time and recovery time. One of the newest fat reduction technologies is radiofrequency, which delivers energy to the areas of fat by driving controlled heat deep within the fat cells. With major growth expected within this sector of the industry it is the perfect time to introduce contouring and tightening treatments to a beauty clinics menu.


The leading technology can offer treatments for the following indications in the one machine:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Skin tone
  • Laxity
  • Body contouring,
  • Skin tightening
  • Cellulite


The Body Contouring equipment from Spectrum has numerous competitive advantages including patient comfort level, clinically proven results, ergonomic handpieces for the operator’s comfort. In this article we will make references to the Alma Reform, which promotes a high return on investment (ROI)due to its variety of applicators which enable both body and face treatments to all areas such as thighs, abdomen, arms, flanks, jaw and décolleté. Additionally the simple operation and ergonomic lightweight applicators make treatments simple to learn and perform, and easy to delegate to staff.


The Alma Reform yields both short and long term benefits that include immediate skin tightening and glow, as well as restructuring of the skin’s architecture. These benefits ensure long term visible results and help to bolster the skin against future aging.


Re Collagen Lifts and Tightens Loose Skin

  • Contracts existing fibers
  • Stimulates the formation of new collagen, improving its alignment and thickness
  • Improves texture for a youthful glow


Reduced Fat Cell Volume and Improved Cellulite Appearance 

  • Releases fatty acids, preventing fat cells from accumulating (causing bumps and dimples)
  • Accelerates the lymphatic drainage to evacuate toxins from the tissue


The Reform offers beauty clinics multiple technologies in the one machine

Patented UniPolar™ Technology
Unipolar™ technology uses dielectric heating – focused and powerful heating – a unique technology that transmits high radiofrequency energy directly to the targeted tissue via a single electrode. Delivering this focused energy up to 20 mm deep creates a rapid rotation of water molecules within the skin, causing friction and generating deep, effective and safe dermal heating without discomfort.

Heat is produced deep within the skin’s tissue, addressing varying anatomical structures and locations, while targeting fat cells and collagen fibers. The result includes a re-collagen effect, which lifts and tightens the skin, as well as reduced fat cell volume, which contours the shape and improves the visibility of cellulite.

CoaxiPolar Technology
CoaxiPolar is focused on the Face. Suitable for facial treatments and using a coaxial electrode which transmits up to 6 mm deep. Its ergonomic, lightweight design and integrated thermometer enables easier use. It features an automatic temperature reading (C° or F°), making treatments faster and more efficient.

Micro Perforation for Skin Rejuvenation. This very small applicator provides micro perforation of the skin, using unique Microplasma™ technology. Micro perforates and gently removes the outer layer of skin and enables the removal of superficial pigmentation, revealing more vital, smoother skin with a vibrant glow.

Additionally, microplasma uses electromagnetic pulses to produce plasma sparks and create micro channels within the skin. This effect enables a direct path to the skin tissue to successfully deliver all types of cosmetic formulations for enhanced results. With micro perforation the surrounding skin remains undamaged, which aids in rapid healing.
We would highly recommend you to take a look at the Alma Reform to take advantage of the major growth that is expected in the contouring and tightening sector. If you are interested in further information on the Reform click the link below:




Call 1300 766 198 to discuss if body contouring and tightening is right for your clinic.


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