There is great synergy between equipment and skincare. First, results will be achieved much quicker and in a more comfortable way. The risk of complications and side effects is reduced to a minimum. Combining equipment with skincare using a tested protocol allows us to affect both the deeper skin layers, and the skin’s surface. And it increases the patient’s satisfaction and results. The patient really feels like they have been given all possible attention and care. Spectrum Science & Beauty has worked with leading European Dr Tiina Meder to create specific protocol for combined therapy treatments using equipment and skincare to enhance results.
We have created a FREE eBook protocol guide where we focus on the following treatments:

• IPL plus skincare treatment
• LED light therapy plus skincare
• Microdermabrasion plus skincare
• Hydrodermabrasion plus skincare
• Fractional RF plus skincare
• PixelPen plus skincare

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An example is that IPL treatment is recommended as one of the instruments of combined therapy for another of treatments from acne through to photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation, and vascular. For skin rejuvenation IPL is recommended to be combined with Hydra-Fill and/or Arma-Lift skin treatments with the key goals skin brightening, anti-ageing and correction of the existing signs of ageing. If the skin is dry, dehydrated and/or shows pigmentation, we provide protocol using Hydra-Fill skincare. To fight the loss of elasticity and to reduce wrinkles, we provide a protocol using Arma-Lift. We recommend combining IPL and skincare in cases of moderate and severe acne, and as a primary therapeutic solution for mild acne. When capillary changes are present, IPL can be used as a part of combined therapy along with skincare.

Combined therapy treatment with technology/equipment and skincare can provide clinics with a competitive advantage over their competition through improved results and client comfort.

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