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IPL and safety

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It’s the must-have anti-ageing treatment for the Hollywood A-list. At 37, Charlotte Cripps couldn’t wait to try it. But less than an hour later, she was covered in burns. Here, she recounts a cautionary tale.

For experienced practitioners, it’s a tale about correctly diagnosing skin type, maintaining equipment to a satisfactory standard and supplementing education year after year.

The team at Spectrum have a new key IPL device which will be the workhorse of any clinic. Lumiere.

The latest technology in IPL is the new, innovative Lumiere system for effective treatments with progressive key features including:

> Super Hair Removal (SHR) combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light for superior results

> Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) cooling to ensure continuous operation of IPL machine for 12+ hours

> More power to support high frequency treatments

> An advanced technique that can be used on white and blonde hair.

Contact us at any time for a demonstration or see you at Salon Melbourne in just a little while.

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Tattoo Trends

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It’s all about colour

The trend for highly coloured and extensive tattoo art is exciting all of us. A beautifully designed and created tattoo really makes a statement.

When it comes time to change or remove that tattoo, there are a few things you should know:

  • a Q switched laser system for tattoo removal is the gold standard
  • Black and Grey are the easiest ink colours to remove; and ND:Yag (1064nm) generally works best for these
  • Green is a new trend and the most difficult to remove, followed by light blue. The recommended treatment is with and ND:Yag or Alexandrite laser at a wavelength of 1064nm and 755nm.

Sunscreen will help maintain the colour in your new tattoo, so remember to slip, slop, slap.

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Salon Melbourne 1-2 March 2015

Looking forward to seeing the outstanding beauty professionals at the upcoming Salon Melbourne Expo. Based on recent enquiries, we are expecting many questions on our tattoo removal technology – Spectrum QS – and the RF needling device, Explore.

We know that tattoo removal demand has soared in the past year, with a huge increase in revenue from tattoo removal of more than 400% up on the previous 12 months. This includes partial removal prior to re-inking, fading of part of an existing tattoos  and complete removal treatments.

And the trend in cosmetic needling is another exception area of interest with treatment of in-salon and at-home collagen induction therapy [CIT], skin needling and micro-needling on the increase.  Spectrum launch their EXPLORE device in 2014 which immediately  attracted interest from the Beauty and Dermal Therapy community. The option for traditional RF treatment for skin rejuvenation has been paired with Micro-needling with RF; recommended for skin tightening, acne scarring, stretch-marks and many other indications.

So if you’re planning on attending Salon Melbourne, we would love to see you at our stand.


And check the video on optomising your SM2015 planner

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Bridal and Body Art

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Perhaps the one time in a woman’s life that she may regret her ink.

Please don’t get us wrong; we love a well crafted tattoo, but many brides say they feel they need to compromise on their choice of gown to accommodate a tattoo whose time has passed.

If you or someone you know has a wedding deadline and a tattoo is getting in the way, here are a few things you should know.

  • Treatment time could be many, many months depending on the colour.
  • You cannot compress the time between treatments to speed things up because the body’s ability to remove the fractured pigments is limited to about 28 days.
  • Some colours are easier to fade than others

Red is the second most popular colour and it’s sometime hard to shift

Colours such as red, as well as more recent trends to blues and greens can become more difficult to treat depending on the quality and type of tattoo technique; was the tattoo amateur or professionally applied.  in some cases these tattoos can take twice the number of treatments to improve. Many experienced practitioners recommend a532nm laser

Black is the most common

a high powered, effective laser is key to use for any tattoo removal. An ND:Yag 1064 is the gold standard in tattoo removal – and also unwanted pigment [like freckles, and age spots]

Find more here

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Australian Tattoo and Body Art expo

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The seventh Sydney expo is coming soon and we would love to see you there. With tattoo removal experiencing a huge increate in demand – for complete removal, fading and ‘do-overs’ we are busy bees at these events.

When:13-15th March 2015

Where: Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney

Opening Times:

Friday 13th –  Noon – 10PM

Saturday 14th –  Noon – 10PM

Sunday 15th – 11AM – 7PM


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Salon Melbourne 2015 – March 1&2

Hope to see you among the 8,600 hair and beauty professional who are planning on attending this year’s event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This year’s opening hours are:

SUNDAY 9am – 6pm

MONDAY 10am – 4pm

We have an exciting ‘scan your ID card to win’ campaign and some hot new products to share.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Stand 3916

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