Have you heard the phrase that the early bird catches the worm? Christmas is fast approaching and there is one thing you should start getting ready for the silly season and that is your business.

Start thinking about your strategies for the holiday season so that you can put these into action. Here is 5 tips to get your business ready for Christmas:

Tip 1: Start now and get ahead of your competitors
Don’t wait to do your ads, emails, offers and any other content that you want to release because if you wait it may get lost in all of the other holiday noise.

Tip 2: Test out new offers or packages
The festive season puts people in a giving mood. Create new promotions and packages to offer your customers to boost your business and sales. Spread some Christmas cheer, which could involve holiday season packages, a free gift with purchases, discounts or prizes.

Tip 3: Partner with complementary local businesses
You can generate business by partnering with other businesses in your area that serve your customers in a non-competitive way. A simple way to facilitate this is with a referral partnership, promotional offers or a local competition that you run together.

Tip 4: Use your website and social media channels for your promotions
Make sure you tell your customers a consistent story by aligning everything you do. With your promotions think about which channels can help you from blogs, website, facebook posts, instagram posts, emails, text messages and any other marketing activity that could help.

Tip 5: Communicate holiday hours to all of your customers
If you are closing up a little early, extending operating hours, or working different hours to get through the holiday rush, communicate these hours through your different channels (website, social media, email, text) so you don’t lose out on any opportunities.

Ready to give our tips a go? We would love to hear any success stories that you have had with your holiday activities!

Here’s to your success!
Team Spectrum