Acne skincare. Traditionally acne has been treated by trying to eliminate harmful bacteria from the skin, usually by traumatic means, like acids. While being effective in many cases, it can damage the skin’s flora, regardless to whether its harmful or beneficial, which in turn can make the skin dry/susceptible to UV damage/sensitive and in many cases the problem still persists.

Meder Beauty Eu-Seb treatment was based on research that states that the human microbiome, all the bacteria living on our skin, is not only as individual as a fingerprint, but also essential for our health. It is the imbalance of the bacterial species that needs to be corrected rather than just trying to burn all the microorganisms from the skin surface. So, what (Eu-Seb) prebiotic does, is essentially restore the healthier balance and let the bacteria deal with each other in a more natural way. Other ingredients, like aloe extract, chamomile etc., calm the irritation and relieve the unpleasant symptoms, like redness, inflammation and discomfort. What it means for the patient, is that there are no unpleasant sensations (burning, itching, further redness, peeling, etc.) and after a treatment the skin looks calmer and more matte right away. Since the skin’s surface is not damaged, there is no risk of increased exposure to UV, which in Australia is a key factor. And it can take the problem away without traumatising the skin. 

Eu-Seb has been found to be safer, completely painless and comfortable for the patient, more natural and backed by the latest research (microbiome is a hot topic right now in health and beauty).

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