Professional online IPL training course (Intense Pulse Light Training). Our online IPL training has been developed over 10 plus years working with local and global experts and is based on our IPL training that we have been delivering to clinic owners and therapists in person and in our training centre. We have trained a variety of professionals over the years from beauty therapists, dermal therapists, home based clinics, doctors, training organisations right through to franchise groups.

We were a finalist at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA) for Best Educator of the Year (Organisation) and you receive this award winning training in the comfort of your own home.

Who Is This Training For?

The course is essential for all beauty therapists, dermal therapists, IPL operators, nurses, doctors and skincare professionals looking to complete a comprehensive IPL course online.

If you want to upskill your knowledge in IPL, perform IPL and want to refresh your knowledge, start your IPL business or commence a career in IPL this course is for you.

What Training And Modules Is Involved?

Receive expert training and Spectrum certification from your own home with our online IPL training course. Training modules include:

IPL Overview and Light Physics

Learn IPL history, light interaction with skin, what is light, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, wavelength, filters, how IPL works, spot size, difference between IPL and lasers, light and tissue interaction, selective photothermolysis and more.

The IPL Consultation Process

In our onlien IPL training course learn about the IPL consultation process. Areas include consultation,consultation forms, client informed consent, contraindications, safety, precautions, pulse, parameters, complications, fitzpatrick skintone scale, test patching, pre and post IPL treatment recommendations. What we can and can’t treat with IPL.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Learn all about IPL hair reduction. The stages of hair growth, the effect of one treatment, how IPL targets hair. Causes of excessive hair growth, SHR (Super Hair Removal), speed of treatment. Learn areas you can treat (face hair, underarms, bikini, legs back chest) and areas not to be treated. Understand treatment plans.


Gain an overview on pigmentation and how it works. Learn about melanin, how age spots occur, types of pigment, loss of pigment, causes of pigment, photosensitive medications, photosensitive chemicals / fragrance, post inflammatory hyper pigment, areas to treat, process, preparation, filters, and skin check.

Skin Rejuvenation

Learn about IPL skin rejuvenation, the aging process, wrinkles, how IPL treats rejuvenation (standard IPL and in-motion treatments) and wrinkles. The clinical endpoint and aftercare considerations.


Our IPL online training course will teach you vascular, how vascular treatments work, the locations of vessels, areas to treat, vascular lesions. The causes, medical causes, main causes, identify the cause. Discover the filters for vascular, the procedure, and side effects. Learn clinical endpoints and aftercare advice.


Learn about acne, how IPL treatment for acne works, types of acne, identify the cause, the parameters to treat. Learn techniques, clinical endpoints and aftercare.

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