When your clients (and frankly, you) are feeling stressed, it shows. Not only does it have negative effects on business, family, friends and lives in general, it also has major effects on their skin. We know first hand that stress proclaims war on skin first, so we also know how important a great skincare routine is to combat it. We’ve taken the time to compile a skincare solution to help your clients fight stress and stay bright and beautiful through it all.

So next time they tell you their skin is suffering, you’ll have the tools to help.

Take care: Your clients need to be sure they take time for themselves. If they’re feeling stress and their skin is starting to dull, the first thing they need to do is start taking better care of themselves. This may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this detail. Drink water, eat right and exercise, there is no better place to start.

Find their product: You likely have a great skincare line at your clinic or salon that can assist them with the basics like moisturising.  One great night cream or moisturiser will make all the difference to their daily routine.

Suggest a facial: Sometimes a moment of relaxation and a great facial will help improve their skin and their stress levels. If they leave feeling great and looking even better, let them know there is a more permanent fix available too.

Look into Skin Brightening Treatment:  We’d be willing to bet that the majority of your clients don’t even know there are skin-brightening treatments available to them. This is a great opportunity to educate them and help get them the results they’re looking for. Treatment from a Fractional RF system offers a long-term solution to stress affected skin.  By assisting with uneven skin tone and skin dullness, your clients will leave looking fresh and feeling great with little to no downtime.

Lighten their load: If a client comes to you for a facial, haircut or anything really, and they’re complaining of stress, take time to commiserate (we know you feel it too) and then do your best to make it easy on them. How do you this? Just offer them a cup of coffee or a friendly face. It will make all the difference to their day and probably yours too.

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